Yes, immigration – or migration, asylum seekers, whatever – is getting out of hand. We all know that, and I don’t need to nor want to belabour the latest figures.

What is also getting out of hand is more insidious: the way our self-proclaimed overlords in the EU, in the MSM and in the various EU governments, ours included, are now talking about this. Worse, there now exists an unwritten code in the EU MSM as to how to report on this issue, and what photos to show.

If you cast your mind back a few weeks, many of us pointed out in comments how come we were being told in reports about the poor women and children being forced to flee, but only saw strapping young men in their early twenties, be it in the leaking boats in the Mediterranean or in the Calais camps. So then we got photos of young women and children … some were so obviously faked that people were reminded of a certain practice in certain Middle Eastern countries of using children as human shields. If you ever doubt that MSM editors don’t read what is said in comments, rest assured: they do. The latest heart-breaker comes from a German online broadsheet: pretty, isn’t she … after having just crawled through this NATO barbed wire … or has she?

This and other photos and reports are now the staple of EU MSM reports. You’ll also have noticed that suddenly there’s hardly anything written about Calais. Have they perhaps vanished all of a sudden? It couldn’t be a concerted strategy, could it?

Now let’s take a look at the EU and what the Brusselocrats are planning. While there are many mutterings amongst the various EU countries about Schengen and that it might need to be scrapped, ordinary people ask about the Dublin Agreement (which basically demands that any ‘refugees’ should be registered in the first EU country they reach) which is not worth the paper it was written on.

But that, as we here in the UK know, is the wrong debate. After all, as soon as someone is ‘EU registered’, they are free to go in the EU wherever they want and we can do nothing about it.

What is of course never mentioned by the EU politicians and their assorted hacks is that one cannot have ‘open borders’, as the EU so likes, and a non-contributary welfare system which allows a much better life for all those ‘poor refugees’ than that they have in their own countries.

So the bright sparks in Brussels have now come up with another brilliant idea: to create a ‘fund’, with EU money (that’ll be our money to a great extend, btw) aimed at countries in Africa so they will take back those who’re trying to get into the EU, see this German report (use a machine translator). Mind you, some seem to mutter that perhaps this ought to be tied in with Foreign Aid payments …

This brings us to the last strand of things getting out of hand: the concerted efforts of the left-socialist-green “alliances” in the EU – Commission as well as Parliament – and in the various EU member states, ours of course included.

In their view it is unconscionable to pay money to African governments to take their people back because Foreign Aid money must not be touched, even though there are ever so many people fleeing. After all, we are rich and thus ‘guilty’.

Worse – it has now come to pass that anybody at all who dares to question a policy of “we will take you all, regardless” is branded as a disgusting right-wing populist without heart. This is worse in Germany but we’ve got the same ideologists right here in the UK, the ones who go to Calais to ‘help out’ with wire cutters, and with organising demos against the bad British government. The slogans – be they in English in Calais, be they in German at the various refugee hostels, are the same: borders are bad, we’re all humans, let us in …

The very strange thing is that this vituperative attitude isn’t shown against the people smugglers. Those smugglers seem to be some sort of protected species, as far as the Left is concerned. They don’t even shout about the inhumanity of their profiteering from the misery of others, a few token opinion pieces excepted.

You’ve heard about the now 70 people found dead in a truck in Austria, see here. Allegedly, the doors of that truck had been wired shut.

Am I the only one who sees a disturbing and disgusting parallel to the use of trucks, doors locked, as ‘extermination’ instruments during that inhumane regime in Germany over 70 years ago?

How and why is it that the EU Left does not see this but would rather fight and besmirch those in the EU member states who can see that unlimited immigration is unsustainable?

Have we now reached the point where emotions, feelings, irrational ‘empathy’ are all that matter, and where rational thought is deemed to be hard-hearted and beyond the pale?

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