The nations of the world, like shanghaied sailors drunk on debt, are stumbling from financial crisis to financial crisis, deeper and deeper into a choking fog, and further into the prison of anti-democratic global governance by a ruthless global banking elite.

And, not surprisingly, this banking elite is frantically pushing more of its intoxicating debt onto the world’s national taxpayers, all the while decrying the evils of drink, and all the while demanding debilitating cold turkey abstinence of debt from the peoples – but not, interestingly, from the banks themselves, who continue to slop their poisonous,  interest-bearing moonshine around the world.

As things stand, the pushers of debt have won the day. They have established coups d’etats across the globe. For example, the Bank of England holds us hostage in the prison of a market deformed by their interest rate manipulation. (The BoE is even trying to tell us how to vote in the Brexit referendum). The “Federal” Reserve has eviscerated democracy in the US. And, to our deep shame, the leaders of 28  European Union nations have now essentially ceded their democracy to 28 unelected and banker-controlled EU Commissioners.

Nowhere has evidence of banker control been starker than in Greece and Italy, which dared just a couple of years ago to resist the new banking global monarchy, and which summarily – and in a matter of hours of resisting – had their democratically elected governments supplanted by banking viceroys sent by Goldman Sachs. The  bankers are viciously punishing Greece for daring to want to rid themselves of banker control to this day.

Only a fool can’t see that a tiny group of global banking elite now pulls just about every meaningful political, economic and cultural string that makes the world dance. Ask yourself: Who controls the world’s finances? Who controls the nation’s finances? Who controls your personal finances? Is primary control of your nation in the hands of any civic structure? Or is it all driven by national leaders deciding who owes what and to which bankers, and by non-governmental and unelected, banker-created world institutions, such as the UN, the World Bank and the WTO?

Perhaps more importantly: Who controls the national governments of the world, the people’s of those nations or the bankers to whom those nations are indebted, and who have already installed banking (a.k.a “Technocrat”) governors across the world? David Cameron, with his “austerity” policy of doubling the nation’s debt, while making swingeing budget and services cuts to local councils, towns and cities, certainly falls into the category of bankers’ lickspittle; why did he create all of that extra debt, and where did that money go? You could be forgiven for thinking that, as with the bailouts, it went straight into the pockets of Cameron’s puppet master bankers.

When Mayer Amschel Rothschild, one of the 18th Century’s vilest pushers of poisonous debt, said:

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

he was foreshadowing the current situation in which popular political and civic agency is totally subsumed by regular spasms of manufactured financial crises that always demand as their relief more debt, more addiction, more stumbling around in the debt-induced fog.

And that certainly is the way that relief from crises is being sold to the world’s people by their national chief executives, who are being tasked with running their countries like businesses, including paying the nations’ “rent” to banker landlords via the world’s central banking system. But countries are not businesses. And sovereign nations don’t have to do what bankers tell them to do, including honouring alleged “debts”.

The good new is that it takes merely a collective act of will to depose them: we simply need to put national central banks under the direct control ofbis-bank-for-international-settlements-basel-switzerland their governments, prior to gradually abolishing the entire central banking machinery as-is, from its mother ship Bank for International Settlements, through the bank of England, the “Fed” and the Frankenstein-like European Central Bank — the central bank without a centre. We simultaneously cleanse the top levels of governments of banker control by summarily removing anyone who has any connection at all to the current central banking system, and their evil spawn, the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays Bank etc.

Then we selectively repay or ignore  any and all existing sovereign contracts or commitments with banks and bankers, financial or otherwise, according to the democratic and civic legitimacy of the commitment. Parliaments would make the bulk of these decisions, with the major “debts” being put to popular referendums. Iceland did this with relish, going so far as to prosecute and imprison bankers, so we know it can be done.

The ONLY power bankers have — and have ever had — is the widespread blind faith that financial obligations supersede every other obligation, including the obligation we have to our family,  to peaceful co-existence, and to personal freedom. This narrow power is their Achilles heel. If we can successfully undermine our knee-jerk and suicidal fealty to their false idol — the  sanctity of debt — then we can get our country, our world, our freedoms and our lives back. The trick will be to resist our misguided propensity to restrict necessary remedies to only those acts that don’t offend our personal moral standards, despite dealing with people who have no moral standards; telling the owner of an illegal debt to go bleep himself is a moral imperative, a righteous act. It’s not the act of a deadbeat.

While these are simple acts, the world’s people remain largely too misinformed and undereducated on the details of these topics to know just how vial it is that we stand up to the bankers. Those who do know how important resistance and redress are, are too often too cowardly to take that necessary next step from complaining to rounding up the money lenders and dealing with them appropriately.

Simply put: We need to get a set of cajones and stop giving our money to a criminal banking system.

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