This programme (broadcast on Thursday 9th November) was promoted as a shocking exposure of Anne Marie Waters and her ‘far right’ policies. What it turned out to be was an exposure of far-left propaganda because for some reason the far left organisation ‘Hope not Hate’ was allowed to give the ‘balanced’ view, interpreting the video clips shown

Let’s start at the back: this programme was in the making for one year – one whole year! A year ago, AMW wasn’t even on the radar of most Kippers, never mind running for leader. Recall: a year ago we had Paul Nuttall running for leadership …

So obviously this programme did not start out as hit piece on AMW. Right at the end, one got a glimpse of why that programme commissioned: to throw a light on “Britain First”, in the wake of the murder on Jo Cox MP – her murderer was supposedly engaged in ‘Britain First’. It was probably aimed to be broadcast on the anniversary of her murder. So what has that got to do with AMW? Precisely nothing. But see below.

Three intrepid female journalists set out to create false identities online, fabricating images of themselves as far-right extremist supporters in the hope of being able to get into the ‘inner circles’ of those awfully dangerous organisations.

Not one meme, not one slogan was left out, from ‘US alt-right’ to ‘EU-wide’ youth movements like ‘Generation Identitaire’, and of course ‘White Supremacists’. Never mind that ‘White Supremacists’ are a very recent meme, coming from the USA well after this programme was conceived and started. ‘Events’ are reported in voice-overs pregnant with impending doom and danger, followed by the ‘reasonable’ interpretations by Nick Lowles, HnH head: all done up ever so tastefully, like ‘cinema vérité, in a bare room with the odd screen and spotlight. Some other HnH bloke was also wheeled out – sorry, I didn’t catch his name.

We got clips of AMW at the PEGIDA march from 2016, of her at the Manchester march after the attack at the Manchester arena. The undercover journalist ‘Hazel’ is always shocked how AMW ‘is seen’ with such other horrible people like Tommy Robinson.

Another undercover journalist, ‘Mary’, goes after ‘Britain First’, ‘Sarah’, the last of the trio, goes for the BNP.

They follow these fearsome ‘alt-far-right white’ groups to places like Rotherham or Rochester, but not one word – not one! – do they find to mention what happened in these towns: gang rapes and grooming of underage white girls. No, it must be the pure hatred of those people which makes them chant ‘pedo, pedo’ at muslim pedestrians! 

‘Hazel’ managed to write a blog at the HuffPo about her ‘experience’. It’s worth quoting because it regurgitates the points made in the programme by HnH:

What I discovered was that far from being the old image of skinheads with jackboots and swastika tattoos, those who identify with the far right now are much more likely to be wearing Barbour or North Face clothes, and have sharp haircuts.”

Blimey – that must have been shocking!

“They use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, blogs and podcasts to get their views across, which connects with young people. This image change is actually drawing women in.”

Good grief – they are capable of using social media? Shocking! Social media are the exclusive preserve of HnH, Momentum, all the SJWs and of course the wonderful Establishment media of which ’Hazel’ is a part. And – women go to these events? Shocking!

“The fact they seemed so ordinary – and welcoming – was a surprise. Yet underneath the gloss and the friendliness, it became clear that some of the same old attitudes remain.”

So beware these ordinary people! Do not think for a moment that they just may have a point when they are against immigration and islamification! Everybody of a HnH mind must look immediately for their hidden, extreme far-right agenda.

As ‘Hazel’ pats herself on the back (careful you don’t dislocate your shoulder, dearie) about her incredible courage ‘infiltrating the inner circle’ of AMW and her friends, shuddering when discovering ‘sinister undertones’ in every phonecall and overheard remark, let’s be plain: this programme should be referred to the Office of Fair Trading because it did not do what was promised ‘on the tin’.

We were promised an expose of AMW’s past. We got one (!) mention that she used to be a Labour activist – that was over within five seconds. (One wonders if the HnH ‘advisers’ counselled to keep that fact well buried …).

We were shown some video clips of the UKIP Conference – just before the results were announced. It would seem that ‘Hazel’, like most everybody else in the MSM, thought AMW would win and thus thought she’d have a wonderful scoop on her hands, being in the ‘inner circle’ and all. (HnH must have been salivating. And now all their work was for nothing …)

We did not get a balanced view of the threatening ‘far right’. We got video clips, but the HnH advisers and shocked ‘Hazel’ were conspicuously blind on their left eyes: Antifa, Greenpeace – they all held and hold training camps for activists. They all use social media, as do jihadis, organised worldwide.

The worst however was the brief interview with a former Head of Terrorism at Scotland Yard, Richard Walton. He sees the internet/social media as the true culprits for the “increase in far-right terrorism”, mentioning also the Left and jihadis. That is the one frightening point in the whole programme: the threat by the authorities to free speech in the name of combating terrorism.

My verdict: the producers of this programme at first wanted something scary on ‘Britain First’ because Jo Cox MP’s murderer was allegedly a member, widening the scope to include other far right groups. Thus they set up undercover journalists who worked on this project – for one year!

Events overtook them while they collected their material: the Manchester Bombing and AMW announcing her candidacy for the UKIP Leadership.

I believe that the Identitarian Group was initially the third subject of this programme, the others being Britain First and the BNP. Their video clips were simply stitched into the programme without rhyme nor reason because AMW standing as UKIP leader and then losing threw the whole thing into disarray.

The video editors must have been very busy to give this production some semblance of cohesion. They did it by interspersing clips with continuous interpretations, explanations and subliminal thwarting of reality which the two HnH representatives provided in ponderous pronouncements, and by the voice-overs insinuating doom-and-gloom. The whole programme should really have been called “How ‘Hope not Hate’ sees the new Right”.

Remember my reference above to Jo Cox, the murdered MP? HnH was one beneficiary of the funds raised by the public in her memory. Coincidence? You may very well think so – I couldn’t possibly comment …


[Ed: read also “Undercover Hardcash Productions – ITV, 9-11-17”]

Photo by rickremington

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