That’s it! I’ve had enough of our lovey-dovey approach to gain Brexit from the EU. I for one haven’t forgotten that they are the evil empire; a load of gangsters who through guile, threat, and dissimulation have kept us enslaved for decades. Deprived of our sovereignty, unable to make our own laws, subject to every diktat of a malevolent and undemocratic junta, backed up by an ECJ who have the final say over every law or piece of legislation we attempt and who smother any enterprise or initiative we wish to undertake with a plethora of rules and red tape, over which we have little or no control. On top of which, our seas have been plundered and our fishing industry impoverished … in many cases to the point of a shadow existence or at worst, extinction.

Not only that, but our self-confidence as a nation has been deliberately undermined. We are led to believe that we are “not good enough” to stand on our own two feet or to take our rightful place as a world power with full international input and influence; a duty placed on us by membership with a permanent seat on the Security Council.

Some readers may consider I have been too free with my pejorative words and comments. But having looked at the pathetic negotiating efforts of Mrs. May’s government and the combined efforts of the WRECKERS. It appears to me that we have forgotten what a rotten lot the EU is and WHY we needed to, and voted to, leave the EU, lock stock and battle as quickly as possible before we endured any more scars and insults.

It appears to me that the whole Brexit enterprise is going to end in one disaster or another. By that, I mean either with a deal that is “in name only” or the government will fall, and a General Election will end the process. Or there will be another referendum which will mean calling off the whole business and slinking back – tail between our legs – to eternal slavery, shame and damnation.

I don’t know if it is too late to prevent the disaster I have outlined. It will not come amiss for UKIP to get its act together and in effect remind the electorate of WHY they voted to leave the EU and WHY this country has grown to actually “hate the EU but love Europe”, in effect the grassroots campaign must be re-fought and re-energised.

In my opinion, we cannot do better than to look at the EFD booklet “Not Worth the Paper” issued by the EFD and inspired by our then victorious leader Nigel Farage, who unhesitatingly called the EU and its diabolical system to account.

Quoting 1975 and all that:

“… the British Establishment knew perfectly well that the long-term implications for British democracy and self-government were profound and damaging; papers not then publicly available tell us that. The government’s own expert legal advisers were clear about what would be given away.”

An internal government memorandum reads:

“I enclose a draft on sovereignty…  We are rather worried about the impact on parliamentary opinion… the fact of the primacy of community legislation cannot be disguised… But I feel that there is a case for omitting it altogether.”

A British Foreign Office paper is explicit:

“Community law is required to take preference over domestic law, i.e. if a Community law conflicts with a statute, it is the statute which has to give way…. the community system requires that such Community Law as applied directly as law in this country should by virtue of its own legal force as law in this country prevail over conflicting national legislation.”

It was also pointed out that our PM Harold Wilson had had a hand in “economising with the actualité.” That he was creating the impression for the referendum he had offered that the all-embracing “European Economic Community” to which sovereignty was being conceded was merely the more “cuddly” sounding Common Market; in fact, they tried to pretend sovereignty was to be enhanced rather than abrogated.

“We are asking you to vote in favour of remaining in the Community.”

“No important new policy can be decided in Brussels or anywhere else without the consent of a British Minister answerable to a British Government and British Parliament …”

“… Prime Minister declares that through membership of the Market we are able to advance and protect our national interests. This is the essence of sovereignty.”

Pure smoke and mirrors. The British Establishment knew it was giving away its decision-making powers. It would not admit this to the public and it was prepared to be highly duplicitous in covering it up. Wilson and his cronies were not alone in “cooking” the referendum, Heath had already been warned that his initial application to join was resulting in conditions anathema to British interests. His reaction when informed of this (in writing) was “swallow the lot” and so we did.

[To be continued tomorrow]

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