[Ed: Part I was published on UKIP Daily yesterday]

In effect we joined  the EU (orig. EEC) through lies and misrepresentations Do we not now have the right to leave such a monstrosity without penalty? It may have been our own side at fault, but surely the EU have been complicit in perpetuating a known wrong, in fact perhaps the original 1972 entry contract should be declared null and void, thus terminating applications to leave in accordance with article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Without  quoting all the excellent material Mr. Farage presented in his EFD 2016 publication, it should be pointed out that there are a number of other equally well drawn out reminders of the perfidy of the EU and our own facile fellow travelling acolytes subservient to the whims and wiles of their masters in Brussels.


Much has been made  of the supposed ability of the EEC to “free trade” which under general conditions is a comparatively simple process. Not so for the EEC they chose the most tedious unfathomable process called “harmonisation”,  that is; everything had to be harmonised such as:

  • pan-European regulation

  • continental – style social legislation

  • common employment law

  • uniform company and corporate law

  • economic governance

  • (This is me – deliberately imposed bureaucracy designed to obfuscate)

  • unrestricted immigration (and not stated here but giving rise to the major reason for leaving the EU – the country was FULL UP and no or little provision ever has  been made physically or financially for this biblical tsunami of extra bodies, never mind the social effect of those incomers who refuse to obey the social norms and indeed, laws of the original residents and such that with their increase in numbers they are set to become the predominant class within decades)

  • resultant welfare costs

And then there is the business of the Single European Act this apparently started  out as a trade enhancement or harmonisation  effort to which we contributed our two pennoth only to find out Jaques Delores (remember him “Up Yours”) had upped the ante  and what we had contributed to as a “Trade Agenda” had now become  a full blown  Single European Act, adding chapters on the Environment, Research, Regional Aid (officially called Cohesion) and Health and Safety. It now amounted  to a fundamental constitutional change transferring further sovereignty and underpinned by a substantial extension of majority voting and the resultant reduction in the British power of veto. Of great significance, it also added a commitment to “progressive realisation of economic and monetary union”.

Realising the importance of this final phrase Mrs Thatcher considered a veto, but she was advised by the Foreign Office that the statement “had no legal significance”. In view of  John Reid`s  subsequent comment that the FO was “not fit for purpose” we can be sure that elements of our Civil Service were already in league with their masters in Brussels prepared to advise and act against British interests and provide early evidence that this “enemy within” was already ensuring that we became more hopelessly entangled system of what was becoming a much stronger Empire ready to achieve it`s original purpose, whereby under the blueprint Coudenhove – Kalergi plan, national governments and agendas would be subsumed into a world power United States of Europe.

It is not my purpose to repeat the whole text of the booklet “Not Worth The Paper”, sufficient to say it well advised the British voter why UKIP  under Mr Farage were leading the fight to get us out immediately and totally once and for all from this wicked, deceptive and dangerous (remember Greece!), undemocratic, Soviet style and intentioned totalitarian monolith.

Not quite finally, but for wider substantiation, I would draw attention to other articles printed before the referendum which detailed many reasons WHY we must leave… in no particular order.

Now really finally, I know this is a bit of a personal diatribe, but I hope you will gather I feel passionately that the WRECKERS (my definition of the underhand and overt conspiracy to derail a COMPLETE and PROPER Brexit that 17.4 million), PLUS those who  only voted remain through FEAR, have so blurred the issue that many have forgotten why we voted for Brexit. A cross party alliance MUST organise and wage a campaign to remind the GRASS ROOTS who finally rumbled and caught out and punished the establishment and legacy party shysters.

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