After the recent court decision that requires the government to give Parliament a say in the triggering of Article 50, there has been talk of taking this to the streets. Unfortunately, I think the government will be prepared for this. People may get hurt and criminalised by a government that no longer represents us. This, after giving it some thought, is my alternative plan, it doesn’t involve breaking the law and has the potential to be far more effective. The best bit is we get to play golf while we’re doing it.

I suppose, after years at sea when I was younger, thoroughly disconnected from the media and other external influences, it gave me a different perspective on life. I couldn’t help but notice afterwards that people lived in bubbles dominated by politics, religion, corporate culture etc. People are told from school what to think instead of how to think, they’re told who to vote for, what to buy, become slaves to fashion trends and so forth. In times past, people were enslaved by whips, chains and high walls. Today we live in a Psychic Prison. I know, I used to own a successful marketing company, I’m very familiar with the techniques.

It has been calculated that when we’ve paid all of the taxes and deductions on our salaries, out of a working week, we only get to keep what we earn on a Friday afternoon. We take the fruits of our Friday afternoon’s labour and spend it on overpriced products, many of which we don’t need, but we’ve been told we need them. The rest of our pittance goes on mortgage interest, paying for overpriced houses.  Slavery in every sense of the word.

When we consider the monetary system, things get even worse. The government squanders billions of our money: fighting phoney wars, handouts to Third World dictators (called aid) and now, potentially, the welfare of maybe millions of illegal immigrants. This money is borrowed from Central Banks and we have to pay exorbitant taxes to cover the interest. When the books don’t balance, massive money printing takes place, then more money printing, effectively exposing our currency as the worthless intangible rubbish that it is. In days gone by, at least we had to print the money, now it’s just a click of a mouse, a few taps on a keyboard and a spreadsheet. The only value our currency has is its perceived value: without confidence, there is no value, it’s completely intangible, worthless and another wall of our Psychic Prison.

When we step outside of our Psychic Prison we can see that The Powers That Be need us more than we need them. They are in reality paranoid, defensive and terrified that we’ll discover the truth. The power is really in our hands; we just need to get organised. Here is what I propose:

  1. Technology: this is not a battle to be fought on the streets but in Cyberspace.
  2. Taxation: if our government won’t represent us, we shouldn’t support it with taxation, it’s like paying the enemy.
  3. Consumption: stop buying things you don’t need at exorbitant prices.
  4. Strategic buying: the essentials of life should be purchased from companies that support us.
  5. Debt should be minimised.

I’ll deal with these in turn:

Technology, specifically the Internet, has already made many older business models obsolete. We can push this further and use it against organisations that lobby our government and undermine our democracy. The ideas that I’m proposing here need to be packaged, branded and marketed, but I’m sure we’ll have over seventeen million initial prospects. A centralised information resource will be needed to enable national cooperation, unified and coordinated action.

Taxation is the difficult one, the one most likely to bring us up against the law. I appreciate that many people are on PAYE and find it difficult avoid tax. I’m sure though that with some good expert help we could find a way to hinder tax collection and minimise the illegality of such action. Remember, if we consume less, we minimise VAT.  

Consumption: we all tend to consume much more than we need – it’s easier than you think to cut back. My car for example is very old but it starts first time and is very reliable, I won’t buy another until it falls apart.

Strategic buying: this is another area that needs expert guidance and analysis, but this information needs to be made available on-line. Companies that undermine Brexit: we’ll just stop buying their products and if we don’t bring them down we’ll at least hurt them.

In a world saturated with debt, the government and banks need ever more debt to keep things rolling, they’re very vulnerable to attack here. Consider this: if the CEO of a large company loses millions and goes bust, he wouldn’t worry, it’s probably limited liability anyway, it’s just business. When an individual goes bust they’re guilt tripped horribly, more psychic manipulation: it’s just business. If your debts get out of hand, don’t get upset, get some advice to minimise the impact to yourself, borrow some more while you can and go on a long holiday.

So, there is my idea for psychic insurrection, just a basic idea so far, but I’m sure there are those of you readers that are clever enough to flesh this out and make it happen. This may seem like a mammoth and impractical task, but we have to fight back somehow, we can’t let our democracy be totally undermined. I really would hate to see our fight taken to the streets, it probably won’t work and people will get hurt, this way the only shots that need to be fired are on the golf course.

What I am suggesting is a psychic jailbreak, that you live life on your terms, pursue your objectives and break free of those that seek to control you. It’s the way I live my life, I’ve learnt to be as independent as possible, I’ve spent much time improving my fishing and hunting skills so that if I need to I can survive. When I’m out in the mountains, I realise, that even if I were a billionaire, I couldn’t have much more.  The ideas I’ve set out above (apart from walking away from debt) are pretty much how I live my life, now I’m just suggesting that we cooperate and use technology to put our government back in its place. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the real economy has been in the doldrums, debt is out of control, the government, business and banks, can’t take too much of this treatment, they’ll back down before we do.

Make sure you live your life on your own terms, better the golf course than the streets.

Photo by Falashad

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