I heard on the Jeremy Vine programme that Brendan Cox, the husband of the murdered MP Jo Cox, has launched a Foundation in her name to champion the message she related in her maiden speech in the commons. The core of the message was that as she travelled the world and travelled the UK she became aware that the different nationalities and races have more in common than any difference between them.

Consider first for example people from the Asian sub-continent of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India who are resident in the UK. They drive the same sorts of cars as us, many run shops or work in the NHS, reproduce the same as everyone else and live in normal UK properties. That’s what we have in common.

They generally eat Asian food (or the British equivalent) all the time, they talk their own language most of the time, their allegiance is likely to be to their own community and country of their origin. The way they furnish and function in their homes is completely different to the way of the Europeans. In the majority of cases they form relationships amongst their own community and often by parental arrangement.

They have their own laws for community conduct and avoid getting the UK police involved in domestic or community disorder. Their religion(s) are different from the indigenous population who are probably in the majority now atheist, though most pay lip service to being Christian, and don’t understand the meaning of the term.

Whilst some Asian men dress like Westerners others wear turbans, others wear with white or brown or black smocks and the majority of woman wear saris or black clothes and head shawls or even burkahs. In Asia if a woman has been taken advantage of or even if raped she is deemed to be evil and can be imprisoned or even stoned to death.

Asian females who have taken a partner without parental consent, or had an ‘illicit’ affair, or been raped while living in the UK are ostracised, or beaten up, or even sent back to Asia where they disappear. Asian women generally are subservient to the males and controlled strictly by religious pressure from challenging the dominant males for reasonable equality.

When Asian families buy into our neighbourhoods we move out and let them take over. We allow them to speak disparagingly about our country, our culture and Christianity. We are not allowed to say a word about them or theirs. Within the system of mosques is a network conspiring to bring terror to our streets and to bring our different cultures into conflict.

Immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa come from places where the women are always covered up so as not to tempt other males to ‘interact’ with them. A significant number of male immigrants from these regions believe that the sexually inviting clothing of European females means they are available for sex. This is hardly surprising because it’s also how European males see them as well but are constrained by laws and social conditioning to not touch unless invited by the female to do so.

Females from certain African countries receive genital mutilation in order to discourage them being promiscuous. This doesn’t of course prevent them being raped by rampant males who roam across thousands of miles of that continent in civil wars that have been raging for decades.

It seems to me that the majority of African and Middle Eastern and Asian immigrants that have invaded us in the last five years want to destroy our culture and change it into the one they have escaped from. What they don’t seem to want is to integrate, and successive UK governments have championed multiculturalism, which means not integrating.

From my perspective we have little in common because they don’t have a desire to integrate into British community and we certainly don’t want to adopt their culture, religion, laws, dress code, or sexual inequality.

The Jo Cox Foundation is Brendan using his connections with numerous charities and Quasi Non Government Organisations (Quangos) to promote globalisation and the free movement of people. He has every right to do that but the message hasn’t yet permeated through to the ‘elite’ yet that the people have woken up and we want to reassert our national identity, here and elsewhere across the Western World.

We are not the same as other nationalities and cultures and this is not a bad thing and should be championed. We should be able to maintain our culture and identity and not be overwhelmed by foreigners nor constrained by anti-British racism and political correctness.

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