There is speculation in the press that Jeremy Corbyn wants to put Ken Livingstone in the House of Lords.

Why not? The Lords has become a joke now anyway. It’s full of appointed ‘yes’ men and women and party donors. What difference will one more old Commie make?

But while we are on the subject, UKIP is long overdue at least a dozen seats on in the Lords on the basis of our increasing share of the vote over the last 20 years.

But in a spirit of democracy our peers should not be appointed by the party leader. Instead I propose they should be elected by the party members.

I propose that nominations should be supported by at least 10 party branches with support of at least 100 party members.

A vote of party members would then rank the candidates in order.

This will do until we get a fully elected second chamber (don’t hold your breath).

For starters I would be happy to start the ball rolling by nominating Professor Tim Congdon, Godfrey Bloom and Alan Bown, all of whom have given good service to UKIP and the cause of restoring national independence.

The UKIP activists and members deserve to decide this matter.

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