Since the election, I have been pondering the question, “how can we persuade the electorate out of their usual political trenches?”

Nigel achieved it with the referendum and somehow we’ve got to do the same.

Now we know May is not to be trusted with Brexit and the allaphant in the room is scaring people, at risk of making myself look very stupid I’m going to suggest that our opportunity is to get behind a campaign strategy called “Join the Dots…”

The principle is very simple and the beauty of it is that when the correct context is in place, everyone can contribute their own dots, based on their own knowledge and experience.

We have Branch meetings taking place up and down the country all the time and what I’m suggesting is that members are encouraged to engage with friends, colleagues, whoever, in a conversation about their feelings in regard to the state of the nation. Not focussing on UKIP as such, just getting people talking about the changes they can see and their fears for the future.

What I am finding is by taking a few minutes to explain a little of the  history, providing the links to the sources and putting current events into context, they are genuinely shocked and begin to draw their own conclusions. By simply helping them join the dots.

What are the dots?

I’m talking about the stuff that we’ve all read on sites like UKIP Daily and some of the links that I’ve followed from Twitter. The Dots are simply events that give context to what is happening today – EU, Brexit (or not), the Islamic invasion.

The rising fear that many people share, irrespective of their politics, that things are not going the right way. There is our opportunity. Here I’m simply offering mine as an example of the journey that I made and am inviting you to do the same.

My starting point was following a Twitter link to Dr Vernon Coleman. I found him a couple of years ago. He’s a prolific writer but in the Section marked Politics, there is an explanation of the Nazi roots of the EU. It is quite staggering.

Now I know this sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory but if you follow it through, it starts to become something else.

Dr Coleman explains in considerable detail how the Nazis developed the blueprint for the EU. People like Walther Funk, the role of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the Reichsbank and what it became. But the crux is the realisation that the EU is NOT a vehicle for 28 happily co-operating nations. It is a vehicle that very gradually has given Germany dominance in Europe. (Another German racket as Nicholas Ridley lost his job for pointing out 40 years ago). And it is still a work-in-progress.

My next eye-opener was reading Michael Shrimpton QC, of this parish, and in particular his revelations about Ted Heath.To those of us old enough to remember Heath as PM, Michael’s trenchant opinion that he was gay, probably a paedophile and certainly a traitor being blackmailed by the Abwehr, came as another shock. I was not wholly surprised by the suggestion, any more than Wiltshire Police apparently. (Perhaps they too read Ukip Daily).

I had an uncle who during the war was in the same officers mess as Heath and years ago asked him what Heath was like. “cold, remote, aloof, unfriendly”. My uncle was a 30’s Cambridge graduate. If you remember Heath as PM, google Peter Shore speaking against the common market at the Oxford union in 1975.  There’s a shot of Heath’s eyes sliding uneasily across the audience and it is quite startling seeing him for a moment without that permanent smiley demeanour that he usually adopted.

Of course, once you start down that path you discover others. This was approaching the era of John Osborne’s Angry Young Men and traitors like Burgess, Mclean and Philby. Very febrile times.

Once you start grasping the significance of things like;

  • Coudenhove-Kalergi – Van Rompoy (“who are you?”) was given a medal in that name for his services to the EU.
  • Bilderberg Group – Dennis Healy was involved for about 30 years
  • Barcelona Declaration – signed in 1995 by Malcolm Rifkind to guarentee undisrupted Islam would be allowed to exist on our shore.
  • Brexit. Now extremely threatened and still very much UKIP’s raison d’etre, in the electorate’s eye anyway,
  • and of course Merkel’s Islamic Invasion

…how quickly are things hotting up?

All that and more provides context and we can all now see how hard the establishment is pushing back against Brexit and falling over itself to avoid calling out Islam for what it is.

So the objective of this campaign is simple:

Start joining your own dots and then reach the realisation that the very worst revelation is yet to come, that the gradual and now rapidly increasing rate of the destruction of our way of life is entirely deliberate.

That realisation is something that I suggest whoever emerges as our next leader needs to get their head around. That the allaphant in the room is actually part of a much bigger picture that has been at work since the last war.

And finally:

My fear is we will have less time than we think. How long will Trump last? How soon will disagreement become a hate crime?

The sooner we join the dots… and help people draw their own conclusions, the better. IMHO.

Photo by kattekrab

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