On the day of the EGM the outcome of which is crucial to the survival of UKIP, the E-i-Cs of Kipper Central (Darrell Goodliffe, Reece Coombes, Viv Evans) are issuing this joint editorial statement:

We as editors and owners of the two largest UKIP-supporting blogs on the internet are writing this statement to unequivocally condemn the continued attempts to curtail the freedom of the press by the supporters of Henry Bolton.


We have been in receipt of numerous implied and direct threats stating that if we continue to criticise Mr Bolton we may be the subject of legal action.


We state now that we will not bow to tactics that have more in common with those of the schoolyard bully and have no place in democratic political discourse.


We will continue our intense scrutiny of Mr Bolton’s actions and we will not cease this due to the above action.


Freedom of the press of conscience and expression is at the core of UKIP’s commitment to libertarianism and to democracy and we find the actions of those previously mentioned to be at variance therefore with the fundamental principles which UKIP was founded on.


We will continue to defend those principles.


Finally we advise Mr Bolton that if he does take part in any of these threats or indeed actively threatens us himself we will rise to the challenge and we will not shirk our duty to our readership nor to those principals mentioned above.


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