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Abolish the Assembly!

Guess what? We’ve been having more debates about Brexit in the Welsh Assembly. The First Minister and his stooges have been telling us what a disaster it is all going to be.

For nearly 20 years, we have had the Welsh Assembly. It costs far more to run than was promised during the Assembly referendum campaign in 1997. It interferes in far more policy areas, too.

For instance, the First Minister and his Welsh ‘Government’ have spent the past two years trying to stop a meaningful Brexit from happening. This, despite the fact that WALES VOTED TO LEAVE.

The Assembly has consistently failed to make any positive difference in the key areas of Health, Education and the Economy. After 20 years, it is time that the Welsh public was asked, ‘Is the Assembly Working? Do we still want the Assembly?’ The 2011 referendum was a con trick, because there was no option for people who didn’t want the Assembly.

I will now use my position in the Assembly to campaign for the people of Wales to have their say in a GENUINE referendum.

Choice – Not Compulsion

The Welsh Government has set a target of having one million Welsh speakers by 2050. In order to do this, local councils across the country are opening  more Welsh medium schools. In some areas, parents are being forced to send their children to Welsh medium schools.

We should, of course, protect the Welsh Language, but learning and speaking Welsh should be a choice. The Welsh Government should focus their efforts on areas in Wales where the Welsh language already exists as the first language of the majority of the people.

I am now calling for the Welsh Government to abandon its one million Welsh Speakers target. The money would be better targeted on helping existing Welsh language communities to thrive. But we also need to ensure that parents and pupils have a real choice when it comes to their education.

Moving on from education, many people find that they are not able to gain employment, particularly in the public sector, if they cannot speak basic Welsh.

I am now demanding an end to this form of discrimination, so that job candidates can obtain roles on merit, not on their ability to speak Welsh.

Keeping Britain British

People often say to me, ‘Britain just isn’t Britain any more.’ Do you know what? They’re right. Britain is now barely recognisable as the country we grew up in.

The reason for this is twofold. One, so many immigrants have flooded into the country with their own strange beliefs and value systems – and many of these people certainly don’t adopt traditional British values and the British way of life.

Two, we are now so intent on appeasing various minority groups that we are no longer able to say what we think. Thanks to the political Left, living in Britain today often feels like living in a Police State.

Do we want this Police State – or do we want Free Speech? This is perhaps the most crucial issue in Britain today.

One thing is for sure – if we are continually silenced by the shrill voices of minority group lobbyists, then our right to Free Speech will gradually be destroyed.

I will use my position in the Assembly to campaign to uphold the rights of the Majority to enjoy Freedom of Speech.

That’s all for now. Catch up with you again in a month’s time!

All the best


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