‘A Political Earthquake’, a phrase coined by Nigel Farage, the Nostradamus of our times, is about to get noticed.  Whilst campaigning to leave the EU and since that magnificent sunrise on 24th June 2016,  as well as domestic and other international politics I have followed, closely, the rise of Donald J Trump from maverick joke candidate through to President Elect.  It has been fascinating. One of the fascinations has been the actions and reactions of the Mainstream Media. Their political seismographs appear to be malfunctional. I suggest their moral compasses are also in need of recalibration which is the most disturbing aspect of this particular fascination, but I shall leave the morality (or lack thereof) in the media for another time. 

For my part, my political seismograph, crafted from 48 years of living, breathing, listening, learning, running a business and ranting – fashioned into a crude sense with parenthood, family and Englishness, morphed from scepticism, gut and brain, registered some pretty impressive readings in 2016. A rhythm of small to moderate tremors (100 000 – 1Million microns of ground movement)  during the EU Referendum campaign – a 5 to 6 on the Richter scale, culminating in a strong earthquake, peaking in intensity, (approx.  7 [107] – the Richter scale is logarithmic) on June 24th. Structural damage was immediate as David Cameron resigned and scuttled off to feather his nest, and infants painted a narrative of fear and doom through the canvasses of their websites, newspapers and television channels.  I felt it. Did you?

The aftershocks kept coming, including a new PM, whose evidently virtuous barren status was the trump card played over the dubious motherhood of Andrea Leadsom (Thanks Rachel Silvester, The Times, but as I said I shall leave the morality of the media for another day). I set my seismograph to ‘USA’ and the readings drew a rugged mountain range as the plates were shifting stateside. ‘Big league’ readings.

So, how does my seismograph work? My prediction of a Trump win (see my article here of Nov 8th 2016) came to pass, but what next? It isn’t a big secret. Like in many observational pursuits, it takes time and effort, but the method is simple. Maintain scepticism, take information from various sources, but focus on primary sources. It’s the focus on the primary source that is the key. Whilst most of the European public and many professional commentators relied upon secondary and tertiary sources for their information, I and many others listened attentively to what Trump was saying and how he was saying it. Not just the five second soundbites. Not just the #fakenews about sexual assaults, tax evasion, Russian loyalties, misogyny, racism, xenophobia – the easy insults and mockery that constituted the secondary and tertiary sources (e.g. the BBC, ITV, C4, SKY, The Times, Telegraph, Mail, Grauniad etc. – but as I said I shall leave the morality of the media for another day). Trump was even falsely accused of mocking the disability of a reporter, something I was surprised to read our own Jonathan Arnott had fallen for, and that still lingers as a post-truth #fakenews imprint on the minds of many through repetition of this falsehood (…but as I said I shall leave the morality…). I also listened to Trump’s address in Gettysburg, for instance. And I then reread it.I listened to his speeches in Phoenix, AZ; in Golden, CO; In Tampa, FL and in countless other events at which he addressed the people. He performed for them, yes. He engaged them, yes. He engaged with them, yes. But he also explained what he saw as the problems the USA has and gave the people his plan for an alternative future, offering solutions to those problems. Trump delivered a pro USA, anti-establishment, anti-corporatist and pro Constitution message, directly to the people, not via the press. He spoke bluntly about immigration, Radical Islamic Terrorism, jobs, social cohesion, justice, lawfulness, foreign relations, trade and winning. He told a tale which, had I been American, would have found me actively campaigning for his election. Trump inspires, and the people were inspired enough to elect him as their President. A Pied Piper, perhaps? Or potentially the most presidential of Presidents?

The earthquake on 8th November 2016 hit 8 on my seismograph. I had been forewarned by its doodles in the preceding months and so I was expecting it, I was braced as it were. The scale of the event as the constituent States reported the election results knocked the words from the mouths of many professional politicos, (or propagandists, but as I said I shall leave …). No seismographs were needed anymore in the news rooms of what may come to be known as the legacy media, such was the violence of their mental reaction to the separation of their delusions from reality. Boom! It wasn’t supposed to happen. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be President. After all, she was a woman and it was the right time, because, err, woman. Right? No, not right. Identity politics was seen for what it is: the emotional manipulation of voters. Political correctness was seen for what it is: the emotional manipulation of the voters and the erosion of free political discourse. The Democrat Party was seen for what it is: A user of emotion to manipulate voters; a power hungry political cabal, void of integrity, probity and respect of the US Constitution and the rule of law, feeding a hungry farm of lobbyists bureaucrats and renters in Washington DC.

Will Trump do exactly what he said on the tin? Will a wall be built? (Will the US be able to control and secure its own borders?) Will jobs, good jobs, be created? (Note – Trump has not been inaugurated yet and thousands of jobs have already been created for US workers, which you may not have read about in the legacy media). We can now observe and see what happens. And Will Trump Drain the Swamp? Swamp draining? What is this Americanism you may ask? It’s the phrase that particularly resonated with the Trump voters. The swamp is what the government has become, dirty and polluted, and the people want it to be exposed and cleaned up. There are those in all departments of state, in the legacy media, in the Democratic Party machine, in the Federal Reserve, the UN, in the academia, on Wall Street, fake charities, climate change scammers and in so many other parts of the non-productive economy who see their taxpayer funded lifestyle under threat. What we have been seeing in the world’s mainstream media over the last ten weeks are the final efforts to fight off the major tectonic upheaval that is about to hit the USA. From Russia to Wikileaks, from Hitler to dictator, from fascist to racist the mud has been thrown and Donald J Trump remains standing, shining, glowing and empowered.

Get on the Trump Train or get run over – we’re about to hit 9 on the Richter scale!


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