Musings on a Sunday Night

Well I didn’t get to see the “bloody” moon, it was all wet and cloudy when I went out into the garden. Unfortunately I haven’t got time to wait another century until the next opportunity. I did however have time to look in on and to be fair, they got it right this time, the results of the NEC election were already  posted there.

Commiserations to Debbie. Although I voted for her, unfortunately too many folk voted for the others, pity really because we missed an opportunity for UKIP Daily to have a voice at the table – someone who knows her subject(s) and is just the sort of go-getter UKIP needs to get to grips with this dozy NEC and, as they say, organise a bonfire of our out of date regulations.

Of course I am also alluding to the Brexit promise (well it was a strong inference) that Leaving would be an opportunity for our business to get the dead hand of the EU off their collective backs, which are costing our  collective business entrepreneurs billions. Present indications are that the deal Magpie May is cutting will provide fat chance in that direction; similarly perhaps you’ll allow a little scepticism on my behalf regarding the possibility that even with a good wodge of new talent we have elected to the front line, very little will change and even that change will be at snail’s pace.

To be quite honest I have no idea of what changes  we are looking for. I know Hopeless Henry had a few suggestions which abrogated everything to the Leader (him). I also know the NEC had admitted there should be some changes, but they certainly were not anything like the degree HH was attempting to browbeat the unwilling horse into. I know that Gerard  has also made noises about NEC change, but we certainly haven’t had any details.

So now we have at least four new elected NEC members committed to all sorts of degree of change. I haven’t a clue whether they will be any more successful than previous “out of step” (to the inner circle, I mean) additions to the force, but I trust this time they will not become reabsorbed into the fuddy-duddy mire that is short of enterprise, initiative and pizzaz which, up to now, has been such a feature of NEC existence. Their ball, as somebody suggested, and only those and such as those will get to play with it. Good luck to them all.

Somehow  or other while getting the results from, I came across a youtube interview David  Kurten did with RT on the subject of particularly Pakistani men`s involvement in their illegal dealings with under-age girls, he was constantly being harassed by the RT interviewer who pointed out repeatedly “yes but … you are being racist as all of that ethnic group will feel they are being included” (or words to that effect).

I thought David made a robust defence, but I felt in dealing with one specific point an opportunity was lost to explore many more of the aspects of  Islamic teaching and expected behaviour of its adherents that is inimical to our culture and that this large (and exponentially growing) group, cuckoo-like, has infiltrated into the British culture, space and psyche. I am referring especially to the practice of Sharia Law, multi-wives, FGM  and the disregard and treatment of their own females, and certainly not the “occasional” so called ‘honour killing’ or the export of unwilling under-age girls to marry husbands they have never set their eyes on before. I said under-age – but the same comment applies to over-age girls if it is against their will. (I liked the story of hiding a spoon in their underwear so it will sound an alarm when they go through the hoop at the airport check-in and enable them to have an interview with an emigration officer who will be able to establish that they are an unwilling traveller).

Isn’t it strange (heavy irony!) that the “goings on” in Rotherham should follow such a similar pattern in a number of other cities and towns like Newcastle, Oxford, Telford, Rochdale, Dewsbury, Manchester and probably many others, as yet unascertained? Where on earth did the inspiration for this behaviour stem from? Could it be figuratively mother’s milk?

A number of years ago I listened to a BBC Sunday night edition, “File on 4”, where an investigator following Rotherham looked into local ethnic family life. It appeared life within many of the families was not much different to that being meted out to the 1400 young victims. Females enjoyed little freedom and standing, were virtual servants (slaves?) of their menfolk and often young females were subject to abuse from fathers, brothers and “uncles”.

UKIP must not just defend single-issue attacks, but must blow the issue apart at every opportunity and expose the lot.

Oh! And by the way – why are the intelligentsia  (you know who!) so accommodating to this plague which has come among us?

Try the 1995 Barcelona Declaration. And ensuing amendments. This is the attempt by the EU to attract South Mediterranean nations into the EU fold and even if not to be full EU members at least fulfil  the initial “Common Market” integration. It appears they forgot the “Single Market” implications – Free Movement and all that jazz – what a wonderful opportunity to flood the Northern Mediterranean mugs with thousands of immigrants (not many Christians among them)!  Now you know why our government operates a policy of “be nice to Muslims”: they have no option. Will this Agreement become null and void on Brexit?

And another thing: I reported last Sunday night that I had heard on the Sky 11.30pm newspaper review a female reviewer say (unopposed!) that “UKIP say all Pakistani males are paedophiles”. I believe she should have been challenged and told to substantiate or withdraw. I said I thought UKIP should have reported it as a “hate crime” and seek damages from SKY.

Seems it passed unnoticed – does nobody read comments posted on UKIP Daily late at night? I still think Head Office should follow it up!


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