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I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I have been asked things like:

  • “Why can’t they see what’s happening?”
  • “Why are they ignoring these Jihadists?”
  • “Why are they still on our streets?”
  • “Why are the police and authorities pandering to the Muslim community when an attack happens?”
  • “Why do they all say it’s nothing to do with Islam when it so obviously is?”
  • “Why are we being silenced with threats of hate speech and Islamophobia when the problem is them and not us?”

Think about it. We’ve all been played. Every single one of us.

Yes there are extremist elements in Islam throughout the world and in the UK; no amount of the Authorities telling us different will disguise that fact.

We the public see the threat and want it removed, but according to newspaper reports out today, our Government and Security Services allow it to exist because it has a use which they can then manipulate for their own ends.

They allow it to exist so they can use it to fight regimes in the Middle East without putting our forces onto the ground. And then have deniability of Western interference in that theatre.

It’s convenient.

Unfortunately. it went wrong last Monday in my home city of Manchester when 22 innocent people were killed by one of those ISIS fighters which they had allowed to return.

I imagine the shitstorm which hit Whitehall was impressive as they embarked on a huge clear and contain operation. The bomber was named quickly and the police and security services were dispatched to arrest all of his known associates.

They knew who they were looking for as they too were on watch lists.

Think about that. They knew

Meanwhile us, the innocent public wake up to the horrific news and ask how and why this could happen on our streets?

We all know that the Quran has many verses in it where it talks of death to the unbeliever and infidel. We’ve seen the news stories on the way Islamic State work and we know that their version of Islam is Islam, but just a literal implementation of the verses and of what they state.

We sit amazed as the authorities and politicians mouth the same platitudes which we have heard trotted out time and time again after terror attacks,

  • “Our thoughts are with those affected”
  • “He acted alone”
  • “This is not a true reflection of Islam”

The public sign petitions demanding the immediate arrest of those on terror watch lists fearing someone else can slip past the security services gaze and carry out another atrocity.

The Government say that this is against the law and cannot happen. The public ask why not? Change the law if needed but get them off the streets now.

The silence from the authorities is deafening.

Then it’s revealed yesterday that the number on watch lists is closer to 23,000 and I cannot believe the numbers involved or why our Government is remiss in their primary purpose to keep its citizens safe.

Now we know why they don’t act.

They don’t act because they know and they allow it and Theresa May as Home Secretary under David Cameron’s Government was responsible for removing the control orders of these jihadis, and also of beefing up hate speech laws.

She knew.

Our current Prime Minister knew, and when those innocent people died on Monday they did so because her Government were manipulating things for their own agenda.

No doubt they will insist it was for the benefit of our National interest, but as the saying goes: ‘If you play with fire then you will get burnt.’

Only once again it wasn’t those making these decisions who got burnt, it was innocent people.

Carry on as usual they say. Well they would as otherwise you would all begin to ask too many questions.

This is my belief as to why we are where we are, and it is the only explanation which fits the current situation we find ourselves in.

Those people died on Monday because of two reasons:

  1. Islamic extremism.
  2. Our Government’s manipulation of that extremism.

This is my Road to Damascus moment as until now I reacted and directed my frustrations in the direction of Islamic extremism, when in fact Theresa May’s Government are equally to blame for those deaths. If not more so.

We need a revolution in this country and we need those making decisions like this to be held accountable as those innocent people died because of someone in Whitehall.

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