It is always interesting to watch carefully what the MSM – be they our own, be they those in the Continental EU – are not telling us.

So, amongst the BREXIT-induced ‘climate of fear’ reports during the last few weeks, some very interesting omissions stuck in my mind.

We know that the International MSM are happy to copy from each other, because quoting an acceptable foreign paper means one doesn’t have to do some hard work oneself, like actually investigating. Thus the ‘climate of fear’ which is getting ridiculed here is now also playing in the EU-loving German papers: job losses, trade breaking down (as if!), even unto a French minister saying publicly they’d send us all the inhabitants now sitting in the ‘Jungle Camps’ – oh, and they’d get all the Big Banks to leave The City and come to France … or Germany – the Big Banks who’ve of course already come out with asking us to please stay in the EU, and who have given money to the IN campaign, like Goldman Sachs.

That’s an argument which might frighten the Continental EU citizens, but we here in the UK remember how certain big car companies told us they’d leave if we didn’t join the Euro – and then happily stayed here.

Other omissions show what looks like a consensus amongst the Continental EU journalists that smearing UKIP and the UK isn’t working any longer, and might even be unwise.

Thus, in the wake of the elections in three German Federal States on March 13th, the German papers were full of editorials bewailing the rise of the right-wing AfD (Alternative fuer Deutschland) with comparisons to the rise of Marine Le Pen’s FN, the Swedish Democrats, of course with the new Polish Government of Madame Szydlo, and Hungary with Mr. Orban.

Yes, all horrible, patriotic, right-wing parties and governments … and who was and is missing in this list?

You got it: not a word about UKIP, not a word about Nigel Farage – not even when mentioning the Referendum. It’s as if for Continental EU papers, we here in the UK simply don’t need to be mentioned any more.

Why is that?

Do they know something we don’t?

Recalling the last elections here in 2015, we learned that political parties have access to specific polling data which tell them in far greater detail what the electorate really is going to do; how they are really going to vote. These data go far beyond those polls published regularly in the papers, and which were used so successfully as further political propaganda tools by the parties.

Did you not wonder how it came about that both the Daily Mail and the Telegraph were able to publish lists of fifty or so constituencies, telling punters explicitly not to vote for UKIP but for Cameron, because a UKIP win would allow the Sturgeon and Miliband to form the government?

I assume that the IN campaigners, that Cameron et al, do have such data even now. It’s a tool used massively by the competing parties in the US elections – and Mr. Cameron has asked one such campaign manager, Mr. Messina (who ‘won it for Obama’), to lend him a hand.

So, assuming that they must have such polling data, we might assume that these data possibly show that BREXIT will be inevitable.

But there’s more!

One recurrent theme here and in the Continental EU is that poor old Britain couldn’t possibly afford LEAVEing because our laws and statutes are now so inextricably linked to Brussels that we could never cope. After all, thanks to our over forty years in the EU, our civil servants wouldn’t even know how to formulate laws, how to regulate things – we’d be oh so very sorry …! And we’d come creeping back to Brussels, asking humbly to please be let back in … and Brussels won’t allow us unless we eat massive amounts of humble pie – and no extra conditions!

And then I came across a report, which of course isn’t mentioned in our own MSM. Never forget: if they don’t talk about it, it cannot possibly be important!

That report – do read it, it is excellent! – talks how civil servants – the Mandarins who have been so, ahem, brilliant in gold-plating every single directive coming from Brussels, are now preparing for BREXIT.

Do they know something we don’t?

Of course we’d expect our Mandarins to prepare for all eventualities. But apparently, they do it with rather more eagerness than I gave our establishment credit for.

So – do they know something we don’t?


That does not mean we can now become complacent and forget about leafleting, going to meetings and all that.

It does not mean we can let up – the “EU Beast” is still far too powerful for that, and every vote will count.

But this remark, showing what at least some in the Whitehall Establishment think, is rather useful for us foot soldiers when talking to people:

“ So Brexit should not be thought of as a leap in the dark. It would be more like jumping out of an EU bus into our own car and opting to take a separate road. The immediate view will not change much either way. But ultimately we will be in control of the direction, steering our way through according to our own judgment, rather than being a moaning back seat driver.”


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