As the townsfolk of beleaguered Calais join forces this week with angry French hauliers and farmers to blockade their port and Tunnel terminal, the end game could finally be underway for the infamous migrants’ jungle.

There are currently around 10,000 migrants in the Jungle, almost all young men from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran and Sudan. Their tactics have become so violent and dangerous, and the rampant crime, theft, trespass and interruption of daily life so intolerable that the French can no longer tolerate this.

After an appalling summer of murderous Islamic terrorism and an economy bereft of any hope locked as it is, into a death clinch with the Euro, the very leadership of the Republic, President François Hollande, is at historically low popularity levels. It would seem impossible for Hollande and his Socialist party to regain power in the April 2017 French Presidential Elections.

That crown will surely go either to the leader of the Republicans – with that title being sought by ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy and ex-Premier Alain Juppé – or the leader of the populist Front National, Marine Le Pen. Already all three candidates have demanded that the bilateral Treaty of Le Touquet between France and Britain, which places our Border Controls on French soil at their ports, be torn up and binned.

Sarkozy for one certainly knows what he is talking about when he demands this action unilaterally, for it was he who negotiated the Treaty as French Interior Minister back in 2003 under President Jacques Chirac.

If UK Border Controls – immigration checks – are removed from France then they will return to England’s south coast, and what will follow will be an English Jungle and a free-for-all mass influx of immigrants. When word reaches Kabul, Khartoum and Asmara that the Jungle is in Dover, the consequences can be all too easily imagined.

However, our government has chosen to ignore this dire threat to the peace and security of this country, and sought instead to rely upon the promise of a doomed President Hollande that he won’t tear up the Le Touquet Treaty. Instead his Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, who met with novice Home Secretary Amber Rudd in Paris last week, has pledged to dismantle the Jungle by Christmas. How many times have we heard that said before?

There are, according to Donald Rumsfeld, certain known unknowns, unknown unknowns and then there are known knowns. Well, this is a known known, and our government needs a Plan B for Calais, should the French – for whatever reason, be it electoral expediency, or genuine dismay at the disgusting state of affairs which the Jungle represents, pull the plug on our border deal. Because if the French really want to get rid of the Jungle what better way than to send it across the Channel to us?

As a result, my campaign team has devised a Plan which takes care of all Anglo-French concerns, creates a permanent solution to the Jungle, and offers care and hope to migrants who are entitled to seek refuge, under the rules.

I have extended the hand of friendship to all three leading French Presidential candidates to join with me in further talks about this Plan which is, put simply, to resettle the migrants externally at officially-sanctioned Refugee Resettlement Communities in Maghrebian North Africa. In a spirit of goodwill much of the cost of the exercise could be met out of the gargantuan overseas aid pot which the United Kingdom has built up.

Furthermore the savings made from avoiding migrants entering Britain before assessing their applications for asylum would greatly exceed the cost to the public of these people living in Britain, only a fraction of whom, if unsuccessful in their claims, are ever removed from this country, even convicted criminals.

In the first phase of establishing a network of external Refugee Resettlement Communities as near as possible to where the sources of these migrations are occurring, we will seek tripartite agreement with the French and the Host Country to remove the migrants from the Calais Jungle and offer them new hope and prospects in North Africa.

The Refugee Resettlement Communities will be designed, built and equipped to offer not only a decent quality of life completely absent in the Jungle, but also educational, medical, training and cultural facilities so as community members will be able to lead a fulfilling life, whilst their asylum applications are assessed.

Voluntary Services Overseas, the British Council and other parts of the network of agencies for refugees such as immigration officials, would all be in place at the Resettlement Community site, with all the NGOs such as the Red Cross and UNHCR being welcome as well. All asylum applications to Britain would be assessed whilst at the Resettlement Community.

Eventually, as sufficient capacity is built in, all migrants wanting to come to the UK would have their applications assessed whilst in an external Refugee Resettlement Community. They would only be removed if unsuccessful and subsequently deported, or if they wished to return to their original homes. If possible it would be desirable for residents to have another choice – to move into the Host Country itself, but only with all sides’ agreement.

The only people who lose out in this plan are the trafficking gangs, and terrorists. Everyone else including failed asylum-seekers, will be better off. Those whose applications for asylum in the UK are successful will be prepared and processed in a timely fashion so as to take up residency inside the UK, and start to contribute to their new lives by being able to speak English, be aware of cultural norms and be able to work.

The Le Touquet Treaty provides for a 2-year period from any decision to revoke it, for unwinding the juxtaposed border control arrangements. It is in that timescale that I want to see a new Refugee Resettlement Community delivered so as we can solve this problem for the benefit of all – bar the criminals



Photo by oscepa

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