A few years ago, an anonymous website called UKIP Watch sprung up, claiming to be ‘exposing’ UKIP. With a (very little) bit of digging, UKIPLiverpool was able to discover that the website had in fact been set up by a Labour party member in Brussels:

In the last few days it has begun to be shared around Facebook again, as a reminder of what we will come up against in the next few months.

With UKIP membership on the rise, and now that we regularly poll third place in the polls, we must look out for, and expose the lows that our opponents will stoop to to discredit us.

Labour and the Conservatives both know that they can’t attack us on our policies, as their attacks only serve to alienate the electorate more and more. They’re too stubborn to realise that the reason we are popular is because only we are in line with public opinion, so they won’t change their policies.

These under-the-radar attacks are going to look more appealing to those parties in the run up to the European elections, as we continue to make in-roads into areas that they consider ‘theirs’.

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