Having written about the predatory vicious Tories, I now turn my attention to Labour – it is only fair. Where are they, well it depends on who you are talking to or listening to. It also depends on which way the wind is blowing, more of that later.

Barry Gardiner, the Business spokesperson on the front bench, is all at sea as he is it seems the only Labour frontbencher actively advocating that a second referendum would be a waste of time and divisive.

The deputy leader Tom Watson, who recently started his own group within Labour is openly putting forward that the country should embrace the second referendum. So, who knows?

Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the party it must be said is very conspicuous by his absence. Not really showing up on political TV programmes to state their policy he leaves it to the others, and therefore we have the complete and utter division that leaves the population clueless as to where they stand.

Sir Kier Starmer, the Brexit spokesman for Labour, looks in my opinion thoroughly fed up and tired of Brexit. One could make a guess that right now he wishes he was the party spokesperson for sanitary products.

On Friday 29th when returning from the Brexit rally in Parliament Square, I managed at a very ungodly hour to speak to Matt Stadlen on LBC radio. He asked me about Brexit of course and I pointed out to him within our conversation that I was not sure, when we have been held to the sword of austerity by the Tories, and that we are constantly told there is no money for Policing, nurses and elderly care, etc where on earth the country can get £39 billion quid from suddenly. Young Matt enjoyed this and readily admitted he had the same question he wanted answered.

He then assumed that I was a staunch Labour supporter, but I told him, I thought most eloquently, that I thought the Labour Party had flipped and flopped more so on this subject than the Tories. I went onto explain that in my humble opinion I thought the leaders of the Labour party awoke each morning stuck their fingers in the air in order to ascertain which way the wind was blowing whereupon they would go in that direction.

Sadly, our conversation which I was enjoying most agreeably was brought to a very abrupt end. I am nonplussed about the swiftness to the end of my LBC radio debut as I feel I had a fair crack at the subject.

As I sit writing this the House of Commons has just again voted to take over the business of the day; John Bercow then chooses which motions the house will debate and vote on. How can that be right that one man can decide the motions debated, especially on a matter so grave to the countries future? Any the how that is for another conversation and to be honest one which I have written about and commented on several times before.

So, Parliament will now make a debate of motions, then vote on them, they are `indicative` and therefore have no meaning, so my question is why bother. But again, another conversation for another day.

The Labour party are in trouble, they have gone totally against the wishes of many constituencies, especially in the north of this country. They will it is estimated at a general election potentially lose up to 76 seats. That would stifle, if not scupper any plans and wishes they have to form a government.

They support the motion for a `confirmatory vote` this is in effect another posh version of saying a second referendum on the Brexit issue. Of course, the only questions to be asked on this referendum would be, remain in the EU or remain in the EU. This would cause so much trouble in this country I cannot, in all honesty, believe that they are supporting and promulgating this course of action.

Labour, the party for the working people, really? Not anymore. Islington is not Blackburn, Huddersfield or Wolverhampton. They cannot anymore lay claim to be the working people’s party. They are in many areas held in total contempt. Their reliance on the London vote will be their undoing.

What a total mess this country is in. Parliament is impotent but aggressive and unforgiving in its conceit and contempt for the people who voted it in. The Labour party have abandoned all notions of their mantra `for the many, not the few`. They are unbelievably not looking beyond the M25 that encircles the London centric base from where they obfuscate between filling in expense claim forms. They have it can be said abandoned all their heartlands and seats from which they evolved.

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