The last Labour government left our country in a mess, yet has failed to accept responsibility. Where mistakes have been made, lessons cannot be learned and history can so easily repeat itself if the political leopard can see no reason to change its spots.

Here is an incomplete list of where the last Labour Government, including the two Eds, Harriet, Yvette, Alans, etc. really got it wrong, and the very people they should have been protecting were let down:

– Rotherham, Rochdale, Stafford, Oxford – victims: children, women and old people
– Stealth taxes – victims: everyone who worked and earned
– Un-stealthy taxes – victims: everyone who worked and earned, motorists
– Pension funds raid – victims: everyone with a private sector pension and their dignity
– Lavish overspending and borrowing – victims: every taxpayer today and future generations
– Lavish state expansion – victims: everyone except the privileged bureaucrats and politicians
– Expansion of bureaucracy and red tape – victims: every business, especially the small ones
– Uncontrolled immigration – victims: lowest paid people through wage compression
– Green energy costs and taxes – victims: everyone especially those in fuel poverty
– Dependency culture – victims: social excluded unable to escape without facing high taxation
– Nanny state – victims: everyone who wanted to live their lives without state interference
– Spin and massaged statistics replacing performance – victims: everyone without knowing
– Love affair with the EU – victims: democracy and the electorate, small businesses and jobs
– Love affair with the City – victims: everyone when the ‘unforeseen’ 2008 Crisis struck
– Quango-mania – victims: many, including on the Somerset Levels when the floods came
– Criminal (aka Human) Rights Act – victims: honest people and the justice system
– Falling education standards – victims: children and teachers in state schools
– Labour’s stated ‘enemies’ – victims: honest people, e.g. self-employed, or so called ‘privileged’


Labour was established as a bastion of defence in the ‘class war’ for those who toiled for low wages and lived and worked in far from pleasant conditions. Yet these days, as in Animal Farm by George Orwell, the political party that started out in life as a defender and fighter for social justice has become a refuge for politicians who are autocratic and privileged themselves; few, if any, have experienced the realities of poverty or menial, low paid work. Fully 50% of Labour Party members live in London. Just 9% of Labour MPs have a manual or clerical working background (in 1979 this figure was 40%). The party still fights the class war, but for narrow, political, focus-grouped advantage, not out of principle.

Rather than facilitate social mobility and improving wealth creation for everyone, they actively prevent it. Rather than facilitate improving standards in everything from education to healthcare they facilitate waste and in-efficiency. Labour still has the class war, ideological mentality, but these days it is deployed against their natural supporters, to keep them dependent on high spending, authoritarian, Nanny State, Big Government bureaucrats and politicians.

We need a new kid on the political block, to defend us and give a voice to good, honest hard-working people against the political elite and their mendacious actions; to defend liberty, democratic accountability, free speech and the rule of just, equitable law. And perhaps most importantly, not to force us to work harder as they and their fellow travellers live off our backs; and to facilitate conditions where we can all prosper and be rewarded through our efforts. Only UKIP these days is The People’s Party for all the people.


Photo by G C Lee

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