What is it about the labour party and its obvious anti-Semitism. Where did it come from and much more importantly where is it going. It is ever to the fore in both their rhetoric and because certain high profile members insist on keeping it to the fore of the news and the mainstream media.

Last year seemed to have been an eclipse with regards to their racism, for that is what it is, but this year so far, has presented so many more problems for the leadership of that once proud working class political brotherhood.

Naz Shah a labour MP for Bradford had to be suspended from the party for six months last year for her tweets which were anti-Semitic and nasty. Suspension it would seem is the current trend and although one could argue it is not enough of a punishment it is the favoured one. The problem here though is not that perhaps the punishment does not fit the crime. No, the problem lies more with the fact that it took such a long time, despite enormous pressure for the leader Jeremy Corbyn to act.

An investigation into anti-Semitism within the party was called for and the civil liberties and human rights campaigner Shami Chakrabarti was appointed witch finder general. She did not though, uncover many, if any covens, no one was burnt at the stake nor was anyone exorcised. In fact the Labour party was, surprise surprise, exonerated entirely. Well done Shami, take a peerage for your invaluable and brilliant work.

The report that proved to be a complete whitewash was very beautifully and with a great sense of ironic timing upstaged, when at the press launch of her much awaited report, the witch finder general was upstaged in front of the worlds press, by the abuse of Ruth Smeeth (a Jewish labour MP) by Marc Wadsworth of the Momentum black connections group. She ran from the press conference in floods of tears, but of course there is no institutional anti-Semitism or racist thinking or doctrine within the modern labour party, oh no.

Forward on a year and that labour stalwart, the elder statesman of the party Mr Ken Livingstone,  reared his loony head above the parapet.He made very public open claims that Hitler was a fan of, and engaged in Zionism prior to what must have been a bang on the head which made him to then go onto murder 6 million Jews. He would not in any way back down, he repeated the claims stating vehemently that it is a historical fact and he was at a total loss as to why he was being questioned.

We were then treated to a moment of TV gold. A wonderful spectre of red Ken being door stepped by Labour MP John Mann and a TV crew that, just happened to be there. Red Ken was on his phone and even though he was being shouted at and castigated as a racist by his incandescent comrade he continued to pretend to be on his phone, oh how wonderful would it have been if his phone had rung whilst he climbed a mountain of stairs with comrade Mann in hot pursuit. Undeterred a host of TV interviews and newspaper articles followed with comrade ken reiterating his thoughts and beliefs.

Suspended, eventually Ken disappeared from the mainstream media, he was bunkering down awaiting his hearing and his fate. A year later and Ken is brought before his peers and after a two day investigation he was suspended, suspended! Of course the suspension is not total, it just means he cannot hold office, he can attend branch meetings and vote, so it`s not really a suspension as most ordinary card holding members would interpret the word to mean. Ken came out to the awaiting press with a smug, yes it was smug, grin on his face, the calls which were many and loud for him to be thrown out of the party had been totally ignored of course.

Corbyn, a few days later and one would assume giving in to the enormous weight and pressure from within his own ranks, has referred the punishment for review. How weak and feckless is this man, he should stand by the panel decision or just simply call for this man to be barred from the party for good. In a final childish prank, red Ken was photographed walking his dog wearing a T shirt with a depiction on it of Corbyn as Che Guevara the other day.

This political party, this bastion of fairness and honesty, this working class based organisation that fought for years through thick and thin for the ordinary people of this country has become an embarrassing joke. Within its structure are groups of revolutionary people hell bent on the destruction of our society and way of life, the leader will not sing the national anthem, on a recent radio interview he refused four times to condemn the IRA but instead he chose to condemn the British Army. He and his shadow chancellor are championed by the Provisional IRA, they have been given awards by them.

The shadow Home Secretary is a racist, proven and true, she is a racist. The shadow foreign secretary had to stand down from her previous position as she quite clearly hates white van man and people who live in council houses. She gets annoyed when given her real title, that of Lady Nugee and woe betide any TV commentator who uses that title.

The labour party is lost, it is useless. It is a mash of a collective of groups who have no parameters in their ideological thinking. I claim that anyone who remains in this party today is a racist, pure and simple, you are signed up to a doctrine that sees Jews as the enemy, anyone who questions Islam is the enemy, anyone who furthers the cause of capitalism is the enemy and they will come for you.

Photo by Annie Mole

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