Roll up, roll up, all fans and supporters of the Labour Party, party of the working man and woman!! Get your tickets here for the Gala Dinner of the Century… well, er, the present electoral cycle… and make yourself a whole lot lighter in the Readies Department.

Yes, the Labour Party are holding a special bash in the Camden Roundhouse (which used to be a real working man’s abode, an engine shed, part of the Camden Town Steam Engine Depot). Here’s the announcement of the event:

On 9 July we will be holding our Election Gala at the Roundhouse in Camden, bringing guests together to celebrate the vast array of talent within the UK, and to signal our countdown to delivering a Labour Government in 2015.

The Gala will bring together in the glorious Roundhouse, the best of British industry. Tables will represent sectors from manufacturing and music to contemporary art and medical sciences. We would love for you to join us to be a part of the fun and celebration of the Labour Party. All proceeds from the event will go towards campaigning for victory in May 2015. The evening will start with drinks at 7pm, followed by dinner at 8pm, ending with a special after-party from 11pm. There will be a short, but spectacular, live auction as well as a silent auction offering a range of great prizes from across all the industries that make Britain great – for example sport, politics, art and entertainment.

Um, industries? We can just hear the Trade Union Leader of the 60s talking:

“Ee, chuck, I thought industry were things like coal and steel and making things and new fangled stuff like electronics, but to call sport, politics, art and entertainment industries? They’re taking the mickey, aren’t they? What a load of soft toffs.”

And indeed, you  do need to be a toff to afford any of the tickets, which are available here. Just to attend the “After Party” from 11PM (once the posh white tablecloths have been cleared away) will set you back a cool £100 a pop. Other “value” tickets for the working man and woman are:

  • Thousand Club Ticket – £400 (Do you have to help with the washing-up after to qualify?)
  • Standard Ticket – £500 (for just one dinner!And you get kicked out for the After Party)
  • Standard Table – £5000 (for those big happy families and corporate entertainment)
  • Gala Table – £10,000 (champagne socialists only need apply)
  • Premium Table – £15,000 (added attraction of a “political host” sat at the table)

No wonder ordinary Labour members and voters who are paying attention are deserting the party in droves and coming to UKIP, the Common Sense Party, the People’s Army.

(Many thanks to Caroline Stephens, UKIP PPC for Stroud, for digging this event out)

Addendum: And, here’s the Daily Mail report after the event, focusing on Labour refusing to name who attended, albeit the Mail’s photographers caught quite a few of the Labour luvvies as they arrived. This reporter is never going to watch Star Trek again after reading that!

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