First there was the bedroom tax, then the granny tax and the pasty tax.  Now the ‘nasty party’ brings you the mum tax.

In 2010, under Labour, Mother’s Day was on March 10th and lasted the full 24 hours.

Under the Nasty Tories, just four years later, we now have a Mother’s Day that is a full hour shorter.

That’s a reduction of over 4% in the amount of love, flowers and chocolates for our hard working mothers, thanks to this out-of-touch government.  This is due to a deliberate and cynical policy to fail to raise the threshold at which the majority of mothers enter daylight saving time.

David Cameron said that if the UK is to compete in the global race, we have to make the hard decisions because there are countries in the world who do not even celebrate Mother’s Day.  He added that he had spoken to a mother once, and she backed the plan.

When asked to comment on this affront to British motherhood, and why his party voted in favour of it, Ed Miliband said that the Prime Minister went to Eton.

Asked for his view on the economic impact on the high street of having an hour less to buy cards, flowers and chocolates, Ed Balls said that the Prime Minister went to Eton.

A UKIP spokesman outlined the party’s plan to scrap HS2 and divert some of the hundreds of millions already being spent on the project to provide free rail travel across the network on Mother’s Day to help hard pressed families to travel to get together on this important day.

This policy was immediately denounced by the political establishment as ‘populist nonsense’, ‘pulling up the drawbridge’ and a ‘xenophobic rant’, as mothers across Europe would not be able to travel for free on the UK rail network.  Nick Clegg suggested extending the scheme to pay for free rail travel across continental Europe, to protect jobs, and to help catch paedophiles and terrorists.

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