Elizabeth Jones

UKIP Daily has hosted an election address by Elizabeth Jones plus a follow-up article by her on fishing and farming and military.  So far as I can tell no-one else has seen Elizabeth perform and reported back to us.  Of course she has been criticised for not attending leadership hustings three or four hundred miles from home where attendances are in the low teens and the stage management is appalling.

Overall it appears that she is experienced in fighting elections and has no trouble handling herself with the media.  The fact that she doesn’t suffer fools gladly is a plus with me.  She is a solicitor so is well skilled in arguing issues and is also a Member of the much-maligned UKIP NEC.  She is standing on a joint ticket with Lawrence Webb (whoever he is) as Deputy Leader.

Elizabeth wants to find ways to be more membership inclusive and that will help settle the branches and be attractive to new and returning UKIPpers.  I want others to comment on her public performances and would welcome further articles by her in UKIP Daily.

Lisa Duffy

UKIP Daily also hosted an election address by Lisa and it was an impressive list of been there and done that.  Her greatest claim to fame was as Party Director working with Paul Nuttal and Steve Crowther building the Head Office Team.

Unfortunately it is the negative interactions and non-responses from Head Office on issues of members and branches, which has most alienated the membership.  I really don’t think any political party has alienated its troops as much as UKIP has done.

Lisa has taken issue with all who have suggested changes to the party or EGM or name change or anything else as she clearly believes its all right at the top.  There is the claim by her and other candidates that they wish to re-unite the party when actually the only split is between Head Office and the membership at large.  If Lisa has been as instrumental in the manner of operation of Head Office and its interactions with the membership then she is likely part of our problem and not its solution.

Bill Etheridge

An article about Bill was published on UKIP Daily, if I remember correctly, written by ‘Staff Writer’ rather than Bill himself.  Bill wants to unite the party but doesn’t suggest how it is broken or what is required to fix it.  He also wants to fix the economy but doesn’t suggest where to start.  I am sure most people except the hard left understand the concept of living within ones means.  Does Bill have a clue about government expenditure or was this just a meaningless sound bite?

Bill also wants to get rid of regulations and if we ever get truly separated from the EU the present torrent of directives and regulations from the EU will cease.  I would welcome UKIP being a party of government and taking on the task of going through the existing mountain of regulation and seriously trimming it.

I looked up Bill on Wikipedia where it reported on him praising Hitler for being the most magnetic and forceful speaker possibly in history.  Unfortunately it is really naïve to give praise to anyone from history who is considered so evil.  That statement is going to keep coming back and biting Bill.

Also according to Wikipedia Bill and his wife Star were viewed on Twitter wearing golliwog outfits in a protest over political correctness.  He subsequently resigned his membership of the Conservative Party.  Then in May 2015 his wife discovered he was having an affair with party worker Lorraine Chew and walked out on him.  He is now in a steady relationship with Lorraine.

Bill is presently a Councillor in Dudley, Worcestershire, and MEP for the West Midlands.

He wants UKIP to adopt a policy of banning the burqa.  Although I have written at length about Bill there is nothing here to suggest he is the right person to lead the party.

Diane James

I don’t know what happened to Diane because she came to main-stream media attention in her challenge at the Eastleigh By-Election and came second with 27% of the vote, causing shock waves in the other major parties.  She became an MEP for South-East England and has been Deputy Chairman of UKIP as well as its Home Affairs Spokeswoman.

I have seen her on television interview and she was on a Brexit panel but did not give a good account of herself on any of them.  Brian Ottridge has given a good account of her at a roadshow event in the north-west of England. Well done on her for at least venturing north of Oxford and getting up to speed on pre-arranged questions before answering questions from the floor.

I  didn’t get a feel from Brian’s article about any political substance to her answers or how she wishes to give the party a new direction.  All prospective leaders must want to keep drawing media attention to the wishes of the people for a clean break from the EU, but then what?  Surely a new leader must now be championing policies that are distinctive for UKIP to attract votes in 2020.  Unless she now can start to shine again as a public speaker and with strong policy issues and give hope to making the party function again then she might be a damp squib.

Philip Broughton

Nothing so far has been published about Phillip on UKIP Daily but maybe there has been a mention of him at one or more of the northern hustings.. He was a member of the Conservative Party and a Councillor for Stockton from 2007 to 2011.  He then switched membership to UKIP in April 2014, so just qualified on the 2 year membership rule.

He works for Tesco but I can find no information at what level and is also a semi-professional boxer.   Probably as a result of his boxing life he appears quite boastful but looks presentable enough to be a party leader.

There is a leadership address on the UKIP web-site where he is standing singly but doesn’t give any policy statements, or mention of a direction for UKIP in the run up to the next general election.  I am not surprised that he also doesn’t mention possible changes to the running of the party while addressing it from the official website.

From information so far available I wouldn’t vote for him because I know nothing of his intellect or political knowledge or how he performs in a political environment.  He may well appear at roadshows in the north of England but these are an incredible waste of time because they only engage with a tiny proportion of the membership.

A word to candidates

While Twitter is a modern medium for rapid and widespread communications it is a medium that can so easily be used to smear the sender because it lacks context.  Also there are thousands, if not millions of people who do not use it because of the risk as well as being frightened by such new technology.

So much is being done by Twitter now from Head Office that leaves us out in the cold.  So please don’t forget a multitude of people who more happily communicate by email and scour web-sites.

Also writing an article for UKIP Daily will help to firm up your ideas and test them in an environment of dedicated UKIPpers.  It isn’t necessarily a friendly environment because of the number of serious political activists.  If you can’t convince us though you are not ready for your political enemies.

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