The following statement was first published on Phillip Broughton’s blog


As a young, passionate, northern, working class guy I will appeal to a lot of people in the north who UKIP need to attract and right across the country as whole.

I have the vision, passion and the skills needed to be the next leader of UKIP. My combination of real life experience and political experience makes me a strong candidate. My campaigning experience getting the 4th best result at the general election last year in Hartlepool. My ability and talents as a parliamentary candidate in media addressing the public means I bring a great deal to the party as a candidate for Leader.

Whoever wins this leadership contest is going to need to build a strong team of good candidates to take the fight to Labour and the Tories. I believe we should broaden our leadership team and bring in the talents of many of our leadership candidates, it would be very good for our party and needed. The more open the debate and the more candidates that can stand the better. That’s why I’m very pleased the NEC changed the 5-year membership rule to 2 years. I’m personally very excited about what I can bring to the leadership contest and to the future of the party.

We have won the arguments on the EU on immigration on what is needed for the British economy; winning the EU referendum was just the start, now it’s time to set out our UKIP vision for the future of the country.

UKIP must broaden our message, we must talk about all those issues that the real people, our people are concerned about; the economy, NHS, defence, law and order, foreign policy and foreign aid, for one not a penny should be spent abroad whilst we have homeless people in our country.

We need to re-focus our party so we appeal to more Labour and Tory voters. We must realise that the tone we use is very important the way we say things is just as important as the words we use.

During the leadership contest I will be arguing for this party to stand for freedom, fairness and opportunity. I want to be the People’s leader for the People’s Army. This is my vision of what UKIP should stand for:

Freedom – A sovereign independent nation that has the confidence to think globally. Smaller government and lower taxes.

Fairness – We believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of race, colour creed or background.

Opportunity – A free market economy that gives everyone the chance to succeed but stops the excesses of the elites.

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