We received the following press release from the campaign office of Jane Collins MEP:

UKIP disabilities spokeswoman Cllr Star Anderton has backed Jane Collins MEP to be the next leader of the party.

Cllr Anderton, who was one of only 41 UKIP candidates to keep her deposit in the 2017 election where she stood against Adrian Bailey, said she was backing Ms Collins to take over “simply because I believe she has the best interests of UKIP members at heart.”

“She has always stood her ground on issues relating to child protection and continues to fight for truth and justice in areas like Rotherham,” she said.

“Jane has been also vocal on the way disabled people are treated by the Department of Work and Pensions, something which as a disabled person who has campaigned consistently to change the way disabled people are viewed in society I support.”

“Importantly, she has a good understanding of what it takes to be a leader of such a wide range of views as are found in UKIP,” she added.

“She is the only candidate who can tick every box of the most fervent of UKIP supporters and voters. She realises there is a huge task ahead but as with everything Jane will take it on and will give the role the time and energy it really needs.”

Ms Collins said she was “delighted to have the support of such a dedicated and well liked UKIP campaigner.”

“From her work on disability rights to her desire for a 21st century policy on LGBT issues in UKIP through to her work in her own community, Star is just the kind of person I would want in my team if I am elected leader,” said Ms Collins. “I want UKIP to continue to campaign for the end of the assessments currently undertaken by ATOS, Maxima and Capita which Star made sure was a key part of our 2015 manifesto.”

We’ve also asked to remind members and readers of this event taking place today, which was published here four weeks ago. Given the state of the campaign, hopefully even more members will attend:

Dear Editor,

In Norfolk, I’ve organised a Hustings that, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to ‘plug it’ on UKIP Daily:

Hello to all UKIP Daily Readers!

We’re once again in need of a new leader, but who are the candidates?

On August 30th, members of UKIP in Norfolk and the Eastern Region counties are invited to find out!

We are hosting a Hustings, starting at 7:30pm, with doors open at 7pm. It will be at Wensum Valley Golf Club, in the Morton Suite.

Come along, have a drink and meet & greet the leadership candidates. We will be very near to the issue of ballot papers at this point, so having an informed choice is essential! Grill the candidates, ask the questions you need answering!

So, to recap, 30th August 2017 at Wensum Valley Golf Club, Beech Road, Taverham, Norfolk, NR8 6HP, doors open 7pm.

Don’t forget to add the event to your Facebook!

RSVPing isn’t needed, but would be appreciated, just so we know how many are intending to come. Do this by emailing ulh@neo1.uk

Thanks, Jack Smith

Finally, a letter from our contributor and correspondent Jack Russell on the hustings, the campaign and the candidates, with an appeal to members:


The leadership contest is now getting into the final, hot phase. There are numerous ‘Invitations to Q & A sessions’ and official hustings to come in the next days and weeks. The ballot papers are going out to members at the end of this week, I believe.

It is very difficult for us members who cannot go to those events to gauge the candidates’ performances. Many of us are not on facebook or twitter – and while the websites of the candidates necessarily present them in the best light, I believe that the critical assessment of ordinary members who can meet the candidates and can see them perform are more valuable when it comes to making up our minds. Thankfully UKIP Daily has been publishing some reports already, and I would hope more reports can be published.

After all, this election has become truly vital to the future of UKIP, much more so now than a year ago, so we need all the information we can get.

I appreciate that many have already made up their minds and are very partisan for their preferred candidate – but I, and I believe many others, would like to hear from them why, in their opinion, no other candidate will do.

I’ve given up on hearing from the candidates themselves – after their initial statements published here nothing more has been forthcoming. We have received information from chairman, interim leader on rebranding (well, not what it would look like, just that it’s going to happen) and yesterday by the Party Agent on restructuring the Party.  

I’d like to hear from the candidates what they think of this – and I hope that the readers of UKIP Daily who attend the forthcoming hustings would question them on this and then let the rest of us know, perhaps in letters to UKIP Daily.

Respectfully, Jack Russell

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