We received the following press release from Henry Bolton’s Campaign Office which we reproduce unabridged:

A week can be a long time in politics and during this last week there were some significant developments in the Bolton Campaign.

The last seven days have seen Nigel Farage being announced as Henry’s political referee. This makes him the only candidate who has Nigel as his political referee, which means that Nigel is vouching for Henry’s political acumen, good character and ability to lead our party.

At the same time he has received endorsements from four of UKIP’s most well known MEPs. MEPs Jill Seymour, Mike Hookham, Ray Finch and James Carver have all provided glowing public endorsements for Henry, highlighting his experience and their opinion that he is the only candidate that can lead the party to success [see the endorsements on Henry’s Facebook page].

Henry said:

“I am delighted to have the backing of these senior figures. This leadership election marks a critical, moment in our party’s history. It will determine whether or not our party has a credible future in British politics. The new leader must steer the reorganisation of the party – deliver real change – and must project the party strongly into the UK political scene.

So, it’s important that members choose a leader who has the experience and understanding to engage credibly in addressing the political challenges facing our country whilst also having the skills, drive and leadership capacity to rapidly solve specific issues within the party. I have a track record that demonstrates my ability to deliver on these things and to attract financial and political support. I have an international reputation for leadership and for delivering strategic change.

As leader I will immediately engage in reforming the structure of our party. I will restructure the cabinet and initiate the recruitment, from within the party, of subject matter expertise to support the party’s spokesmen; I will set about reforming the NEC, introducing regional representation and election of the Chairman by the NEC’s members; I will turn the NEC into a form of ‘Board of Trustees’ with responsibility for audits and for providing members with confidence that the leadership of the party is both transparent and accountable; I will establish a solid, professional administrative and logistic platform to support the delivery of our politics.

This platform will be managed by a professional non-political manager and will consist of HR, procurement, legal, media, finance, planning and logistic team staffed by individuals recruited for their skills in those areas. This will all cost money to establish and maintain and I have already commenced discussions with donors who have responded positively. I will maintain and strengthen the Regional structures so they are better able to support counties and branches and will establish dedicated training teams to better prepare and support our candidates at all levels.

I will professionalise our party and shift its senior centre of gravity from Brussels to the UK.

I and my cabinet will definitively enter into national UK politics and, from Day 1 will commence the work of holding the government to account over delivering Brexit and of giving the neglected people of Britain a voice in local government, through our councillors and local branches

UKIP must evolve to become a dominant force in British Politics so as to give people back their voice, security, optimism and way of life; to deliver Britain. Nigel, Jill, Jim, Mike and Ray all recognise that I am the only leadership candidate with the capability, experience, credibility and gravitas to lead the party in achieving those goals.

Throughout this campaign, It’s been humbling and an inspiration to meet UKIP members across the country and experience, first hand, their enthusiasm and determination. And I am immensely grateful for the encouragement and support I have received. Together, as one team, unified and driving towards the goals I have outlined, we will deliver for Britain.”

More Campaign News – Invitation to a Q & A event

Dear Colleagues,


You will shortly receive your ballot papers for the UKIP Leadership Election.

The Newport Branch hosted a Question and Answer session on Thursday 3rd August 2017.

All the candidates were invited, but only 4 attended. They were David Allen, David Kurten, Ben Walker and Anne Marie Waters. Others were unable to attend. Among these was Henry Bolton, who was returning from a business trip that day. He wishes to address UKIP members in Wales and his Office has arranged for him to meet us on:

Thursday 7th September 2017 at 7.00pm

at the NEON, Clarence Place, Newport

You may therefore wish to delay sending off your ballot paper until you have had the opportunity of hearing from and about Henry Bolton and his unique background.

Yours sincerely,

Hugh Moelwyn Hughes, UKIP Founder Member


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