Dear Colleagues,

Henry Bolton for leader because his international networking, methodical military mind and administrative ability put him into a league far above the other candidates.

They are all intelligent, articulate and well meaning, but none seem to have Henry’s high level ability and experience nor his perception as to how we must build the Party Institutions without which we cannot become a fighting force to be reckoned with, and capable of overcoming

The enemy without:

* The Brexit backsliders in Westminster;

* The insidious Cultural Marxists using Political Correctness to undermine our freedoms;

* The extremist minority within the Islamic world, who seek to rule the world;

and the enemy within:

* The top down attitudes of the UKIP ruling elite –

whose latest wheeze is to appoint Regional CONTROLLERS !!!

We are Kippers! We are not here to be treated as marionettes by a ruling elite of puppet masters!

Henry Bolton has a wholly different approach, which respects and involves us ordinary members of UKIP. One example is


Henry Bolton as Leader would appoint Spokesmen and women for each policy area, together with a panel of up to 10 Spokesman’s Advisory Group Experts. Shortly stated:

1) Every Branch, MEP, MP, AM and City Mayor would be able to submit Policy Proposals to the relevant SAGE

2) SAGE would review each proposal

3) SAGE would then decide whether to develop the proposal or not:

A – they might reject the proposal, subject to resubmission with changes, or

B – decide to proceed further.

4) The Policy would then be developed into a White Paper

5) The White Paper would be sent to all Branches

6) The White Paper would be subject to a vote at Conference

7) The Conference would either:

A – Reject the White Paper or

B – Approve it, whereupon it would become Party Policy.


* involves ordinary UKIP members through their Branches;

* is a democratic “bottom up” approach;

* and will replace the “top down” approach by which the ruling elite have alienated so many ordinary members to the point of despair.

By healing current divisions SAGE will restore the Party to health.

And, most importantly SAGE provides a procedure by which all the ideas of all the other candidates can be processed methodically for possible inclusion in the next Manifesto.

SAGE is manifestly inclusive. There is no point in voting for any of the other candidates.


All the candidates in this election for Leader of UKIP have good points, requiring serious consideration, but only Henry Bolton has the methodical approach, the organisational ability, the man management experience, the diplomatic skills and the fearlessness to oppose and defeat our enemies:

the BLOB outside the Party – but firstly the BLOB within the party, without whose demise this party cannot succeed.

Sincerely, Hugh Moelwyn Hughes, UKIP Founder Member

The opinions in this letter are those of HMH. Henry Bolton has had no part in the composition of this letter.


~~~~~ ***** ~~~~~


Ed: We have now received video clips from the Newport Q & A Meeting with Henry Bolton (see the report) which detail his position on further issues of great importance to UKIP members:

“Why I am standing for UKIP Leader”

“On the purpose of UKIP”

“On islam and British Identity”

“On Terrorism”

“On Police and Border Force Cuts”

We publish these clips in the hope that the statements by Henry Bolton will inform the debate in this Leadership election.


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