I have just received an email from the South West Regional Organiser, which included betting odds by Ladbroke’s as of Wednesday 16th August.  So I have just gone on Odd-Checker to find the latest figures and picked the one from Coral, which is typical:

  • Peter Whittle 4/5
  • AMW 5/2
  • JR Evans 8
  • David Kurten 10
  • Henry Bolton 12
  • David Coburn 33
  • Aiden Powlesland, Ben Walker, David Allen, Jane Collins, & Marion Mason all 100.

Now why would Peter Whittle be so popular?  

There are now vastly more lapsed members, than paid up members.  Presumably the remaining members are looking for a party that is respectable, or one in which they can become important.  Paul Nuttall almost epitomised this sort of friendly boy-next-door type of fellow except when it turned out he had sexed up his profile.

So now the remaining membership are looking for a safe regular type of politician who knows the ins and outs of the party and will be uncontroversial on the doorstep.  They have certainly found that with Peter Whittle as he is very engaging and a really confident talker.

He is just what the Newton Abbott Clique (NAC) are looking for.  Someone who will not sack the Chairman nor oust Steve Crowther from still holding the reigns of power, albeit through his protégé Paul Oakden.  They know if he gets elected it will be business as usual and their futures would be assured.

Many of the grassroots activists initially were disaffected Tories, later added to by disaffected Labour, and now sadly we are disaffected UKIPpers.  We have had issues not resolved and have watched as the party has turned from being radical and outspoken about issues the MSM and other parties won’t address into one that is trying to conform.

Contrary to the paid up members I would guess the majority of authors and many of the readers of UKIP Daily are lapsed members, hoping that the paid-up members will elect a leader worthy of us to rejoin.  No chance!

We are still disaffected Kippers and need a leader who is radical and outspoken and has drive.  One whose mission is to spread two or three serious issues that will find sympathy with us and the rest of the ‘ordinary’ folk.

I have seen Peter Whittle, Ben Walker, Aiden Powlesland, David Kurten, and David Allen and reported it here on UKIP Daily: Meeting 5 Candidates.  Peter was quite good but “NAC” (Newton Abbot Clique): nothing would change. David Kurten I found quite stimulating especially because he realises there are a lot of disaffected Kippers and he wants to drain the swamp and get us back on board.

I haven’t met Ann Marie Waters but find she doesn’t look like the usual spruced up candidate.  She looks like a radical and her Youtube videos are almost scary with the face looking out from a black background.  Of course she is known for her strong stance against Islam to the exclusion of a broad range of other policies she supports.

I was directed to a Youtube video of John Rees Evans meeting the people ‘up north’ and I learnt from his speech that his mother and father divorced when he was quite young.  He has had many basic jobs and worked hard to earn enough money to get his own internet business going.

Contrary to his appearances he claims he is not comfortable in a suit and prefers the casual clothes of practical work.  I automatically have respect for someone who puts the effort into survival and has the stamina to create his own business.  Does he have a passion though for any particular policy that he can sell to us and the electorate?

It is a shame that as a non-member I am unable to attend the leadership hustings coming soon in Tiverton where I could see Anne and John and indeed the other candidates.  I have quite a respect for the bookies because anyone can say anything in a survey but they tend to follow their heart when they have a financial stake on the result.

So I predict that Peter Whittle will be allowed to shine at Tiverton and will be seen as a safe pair of hands for the party faithful, and that will seal the fate of the party as existing members let their memberships lapse.

Anne Marie Waters, David Kurten, John Rees Evans, and all of us will be back in the wilderness, with no party to support, like we were before UKIP came to prominence with Nigel.  We will be despairing in the knowledge that no-one is left to challenge the lies of the MSM and the steady conveyor belt movement of the country towards Socialism, Islam, Environmentalism, Bankruptcy, and oblivion!


Photo by Steve Burt

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