This is the second in a series of three articles. In this article I explain why, even though Trump isn’t exactly my favourite person, the Left are wrong to be so disrespectful to American democracy.

I was on a bus in New Jersey, headed to New York, the day after the election result came in. A man and a woman sitting a few rows behind me were discussing all kinds of topics – loudly. Somehow, I don’t know how, she hadn’t heard the result of the Presidential Election. On hearing the news, her initial reaction was “Maaaan, they gonna kill ‘im. And it’s gonna start a war”. I sincerely hope that her projection is wrong.

Then, there were riots across many American cities. People didn’t want to accept the result; the same homeless man in Times Square who had previously had the sign “Give me a dollar or I’m voting Trump” was now sporting a sign saying “Give me a dollar to help me move to Canada”. A new sign requested a donation from anyone taking a photograph of the sign. I didn’t think that cause was worthy of supporting, or else this article would have a nice covering picture.

Now here’s the thing. Election results have gone wrong for us right-wingers for years. I’ve never moved out of the UK, or even threatened to, in a fit of petulance. I love my country too much to abandon it just because the wrong politician has been elected. Yet now the shoe is on the other foot. They don’t have much experience of what it’s like to lose an election, and it shows. They’re moaning because more people voted Clinton than Trump, and yet Trump is President. Well yes, there are good arguments for getting rid of the Electoral College system – but those arguments only apply BEFORE the election. They both knew the rules, and campaigned to get the 270 in the Electoral College. They weren’t aiming for the popular vote win. So who’s to say that – if the aim were to win the popular vote – the campaign wouldn’t have gone differently? The really, really galling part of all this is that those in the UK who are moaning about their electoral system are the same people who openly laugh at UKIP getting 4 million votes but only 1 MP. There’s a word for people like that: hypocrites.

When I’ve lost an election I’ve never once gone out onto the streets and rioted.  Rioting doesn’t change anything. The electoral map in the USA after the riots looks exactly the same as the electoral map in the USA before the riots. It’s amazing how easily some causes can mobilise their supporters 24 hours after polling day; perhaps if they’d all gone to the polls on election day they wouldn’t be moaning now. Well, that’s if they’re not some of the ‘professional protesters’ being paid to exhibit fake outrage at the election of the new President.

My North East Labour MEP colleague Paul Brannen recently tweeted “Brexit, Trump: I haven’t felt like this since I read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road”. For those who don’t know, The Road describes a post-apocalyptic world where almost everyone on earth has died. So, clearly no lessons learned there then. An utterly ridiculous overreaction to politics not going his way. I would like to be able to say that this was the worst example of overreaction that I’ve seen on this subject, but sadly it’s far from the worst.

There’s a sickening video online. A young boy, who looks to be about 7 years old and who clearly doesn’t understand politics, ‘voted’ for Donald Trump in a class election. The mother’s reaction, packing a suitcase, yelling at him, making him leave the house and hold a sign, telling him to leave, that he wouldn’t be allowed back, was one of the clearest examples of child abuse that you’ll ever see.  She filmed the whole thing and posted it on social media.

It’s this kind of thing that starts to happen when politicians stir up the kind of hatred that we’ve seen. I don’t like Donald Trump for the reasons stated in my previous article, but I don’t go around stirring up tensions and hatred about it. That’s where the political Left need to learn a thing or two. The blood is on their hands, just like post-Brexit when their stirring up of divisiveness over the referendum led to exactly that. Then they try to blame Brexiteers for the rise in hate crimes, a rise that they themselves stoked up!

There have been all sorts of calls for Trump to be assassinated; a dedicated hashtag is even on Twitter. The people who do this have no respect for democracy, no respect for the rule of law and absolutely no sense of perspective. Monisha Rajesh, a Guardian journalist, tweeted that “it’s about time for presidential assassination”. She promptly deleted her Twitter account after realising that not all of Twitter supports murder. Whilst the Guardian has distanced itself from her, I’ve yet to see anything from them which suggests she’s definitely being sacked.

Seeing the progressive, ‘tolerant’ Left inflict such abuse upon those they disagree with is in and of itself nothing new. The scale and tone of their invective now is deeply worrying. Whilst Barack Obama actually gave a very grown-up speech, saying that Trump ‘deserves the chance to govern’, it seems the Left don’t even listen to their own heroes when they’re in mid temper-tantrum about a result that they don’t like.

Tolerance, it seems, means tolerating everyone that you agree with – but being intolerant, bullying and brutal to anyone who doesn’t dare conform to your own world-view. Welcome to the Left-utopian modern society.

If there’s one really, really good thing about Trump winning, it’s watching these people lose. They truly deserve it.

[Ed: the last article in this three-part series will be published tomorrow, wednesday 16th november.]


Photo by Gage Skidmore

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