Mrs May said, when Home Secretary, in June 2012, in reply to a Parliamentary Question from D. Raab MP, that…

of course 

she would be willing to invite

special intervention units from our EU allies onto British soil … if needed

This means the lethally armed, paramilitary, European Gendarmerie Force. A brutal notion of ‘policing’ that is quite alien to our British tradition of unarmed ‘policing by consent’, as founded by Sir Robert Peel.

There are six nations at present contributing their police forces to the EGF – France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Romania. They are being drilled and welded into one pan-European force, see pictures, from their own website.

Once invited into the country, they would not leave if asked by a purely British authority, for their allegiance is only to Brussels.

Our ‘secession’ could thus be declared ‘illegal’ by the ECJ, and its decision enforced by brute force.

She has never been debated on this, let alone challenged.

But it gets worse…

Amber Rudd, now Home Secretary under Mrs May, stated to the Commons on March 6th last:

I certainly agree with the principle that the European Arrest Warrant is an effective tool and is absolutely essential to delivering effective judgement to the murderers, rapists and paedophiles that we have managed to seek judgement on,” the minister said.

It is a priority to ensure that we do remain part of it and I can also reassure Honourable colleagues throughout the House that this is something European partners want to achieve as well.

The Home Office Minister Brandon Lewis MP had already said we also wish to remain members of Europol – the EU’s embryo FBI.

This is official Tory policy. Not just LibDem or Labour policy, but TORY policy as well.

Unlike UK arrest warrants, EAWs are issued with no requirement for any prima evidence, on the mere say-so of any – however dodgy – continental judicial ‘authority’ (including mere prosecutors).

No British court is allowed to ask to see any evidence before surrendering a prisoner to the foreign authority, let alone decide it is insufficient. They can only do this – still – with British arrest warrants.

This rides a coach and horses through Article 38 of Magna Carta: ‘No legal officer shall initiate legal proceedings against anyone on his own mere say-so, without reliable witnesses that have already been brought for the purpose.’

This is the basis for our Habeas Corpus safeguard, which is not, and never has been, recognised by any of the Napoleonic-inquisitorial systems used in continental Europe. There is therefore no right to a swift (hours or days, not weeks or months) public hearing after arrest. Prisoners in the continental systems can wait for long months (Andrew Symeou – 11 months in horrendous conditions) while the prosecutors try to collect evidence against them, before appearing in open court, where they can be freed since it is seen that there is no case to answer.

Brussels is setting up a European Public Prosecutor’s Office, which will have the power to issue EAWs against people in Britain, overriding our ostensible opt-out from his jurisdiction, as certified by the Counsel’s Opinion of a noted QC.

Can a free people, like the British, tolerate this state of servitude to alien systems?

The heart of State power is the right to use violence – legally – on the bodies of the citizens.

Why is Mrs May leaving this power in the hands of Brussels???

Does this perverse intention not indicate that her ‘Brexiteering rhetoric’ is, indeed, only that?

How can we be sure that after June 8th, with a greater majority in Parliament, and having ostensibly stolen all of UKIP’s policies and thereby pulverised our electoral base, with a clear run till 2022, she will not then hoist different colours and proceed to deliver a deal which leaves us at the mercy of Brussels? Open, vulnerable and exposed, having handed over to those who clearly do not love us the safeguards of our freedom that our forefathers over the centuries fought and laid down their lives to preserve and hand down to us??

And if there is no voice in Parliament to TELL THE PEOPLE, all this may come to pass in …. silence.

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