The LibLabCon parties all think the EU should be running our country by diktat, passing directives and policy, and for Westminster Parliament to effectively be little more than a parish council after 1st November 2014.  Shouldn’t this country be making 100% of the laws and policies, running our own affairs, without foreign influence on domestic issues? We did it for 1000 years.  Isn’t that enough experience or do we now need an NVQ and Diploma in PPE? No one has ever given consent to this, to ask if this is what the people wanted, so why are we letting them do it? I’ll put it more simply.

Leaving aside what planning laws there might be in certain areas, would you let the following happen without your permission or consent?

  1. In your own ‘sovereign independent’ house, your distant uncle has agreed with your neighbour that you must live under your neighbour’s rules.
  2. The neighbour now decides what you do inside and outside your own house and on all your own grounds, where he has agreed only to ‘consider’ any issues arising.
  3. The neighbour tells you to remodel your kitchen, bathroom and sitting room to their taste, charging you double the going rate and forcing you to choose from one of your neighbour’s mates to do the work.
  4. The neighbour paves over your front garden to build a driveway and erect a wind turbine as part of his energy-saving plan, after they’ve done an environmental impact survey, climate change survey and carbon offsetting scheme. Then the neighbours are the only ones allowed to park their cars on the driveway and use any electricity generated.
  5. You are charged for entering and leaving your property, every time you go shopping and the neighbours tell you where and what you are allowed to buy
  6. The neighbour fishes from your pond and at the same time sets up a quota to restrict you from doing any fishing yourself… and if too many fish are caught, they must be thrown back dead. Any infringement will lead to seizure of fishing equipment.
  7. The neighbour pitches a tent on your lawn for their own amusement after first carrying out an environmental impact survey on protection of flora and fauna that you have to pay for. They advise that the river on your land must not be dredged to protect the yellow spotted newt. You protest, saying it may cause flooding. Your neighbour says he’ll ‘consider it’.
  8. The neighbour moves their relatives into your house to make sure you meet multicultural and equal opportunity initiatives and you must pay their children, who live in another country, child allowance.
  9. The neighbour tells you, you now have to pay for an interpreter.
  10. The neighbour tells you that you now have to build 240,000 homes on your land to make room for your neighbour’s family. You protest, but he says he will ‘consider it’.
  11. The neighbour flies their coat of arms flag on your property.
  12. The neighbour keeps poking sticks at the bear on your eastern border.
  13. The neighbour keeps taking £55 million a day from your wallet, for the ‘privilege’ of living under HIS rules.

Would you give permission for any of this?  Our LibLabCon governments have already agreed to this on your behalf, to the European Union.  What are you going to do about it?



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