… about our money! Let’s talk about how we, the British peoples, have been paying over the centuries with our blood and our money to save Europe from tyranny.

Now that the ‘All EUropean’ festivities and re-enactments at Waterloo are over, we need to take a look at what made this possible, both our victory then and the festivities of the last few days.

It has become obvious that the European ‘elite’, politicians and academics and especially the MSM, have turned this event into a celebration of their ideology of a unified Europe, under the guidance of Brussels. Napoleon, as we’ve seen and heard and read, is the hero of that unified Europe, and lo and behold, we in the UK are not only the inconvenient stumbling block which must be kicked into shape, we must be made to accept that Waterloo was actually not our victory. I’ve written here about the way the Left achieved this, through years of falsifying our history, denigrating our great leaders, and devaluing the heroic feat of our soldiers, culminating in snide remarks and historically unfounded criticism of Wellington’s acts at Waterloo.

The one thing the EU Left didn’t mention at all is money, our money, which made this possible.

In all the jubilation about how it was the Prussians “wot won it”, together with the other European contingents in the Allied force commanded by Wellington the Neo-Napoleonic EU ‘elite’ omitted to mention that we, the peoples of Great Britain, financed those Allied soldiers, and paid for those armies since the beginning of the Napoleonic wars, through subsidies and loans. In fact, since the French revolutionary Armies started to fight the other European powers from 1792 onwards, we subsidised these powers. These monies came on top of what we needed to rebuild our Royal Navy and our Standing Army. In 1814, for example, we paid as much in subsidies to those foreign powers as we paid for the Royal Navy. Here is a very brief survey.

We did this while fighting on the High Seas throughout, and on Dry Land in the Peninsular War. One aspect of that war, little mentioned unless with denigratory sniggers, is that Wellington insisted on getting money from London to pay for what his army needed in food and transport, and to support the Spanish guerrilleros. This contributed greatly to Wellington’s success, because the French rapaciously took everything they needed from the populace wherever they went and fought, be it in Spain, be it in the German and Austrian countries, and especially in Russia. We did not – we paid!

We, the Brits, paid our own way and paid for the soldiers in the Alliance as well, yes even for Russian soldiers. We were able to do this because we’d already become the ‘Nation of shopkeepers’ so disdained by Napoleon. But these ‘shopkeepers’ had created the modern banking system which also financed the Industrial Revolution – the revolution which enabled us to build and provide for a more modern Royal Navy and Army.

Of course, such modern systems of banking, further developed and today so important to our economy as The City, is anathema to the EUroLeft. That’s why we get the derogatory remarks about ‘bad bankers’ financing our victories while Napoleon, simply ravaging all countries he conquered, with everybody becoming impoverished across the whole ‘unified’ Napoleonic Europe, is admired by the Left.

Nothing has changed in that Leftist view, and it won’t change in the future.

We are still paying to subsidise EU countries, countries which are becoming more impoverished as the € crisis drags on. You all know how much we pay to the neo-napoleonic EU overlords day in day out! That’s why they do not want us to leave – and that is why we must leave, because this time round their laws are strangling us, having done to our economy what Napoleon only dreamt of achieving with his ‘Continental Blockade’.

The European elites, driven by France, have kept that Napoleonic dream of a unified Europe alive for 200 years. They are now so close to achieving their goal, but still they cannot do it without us – without our money. They haven’t forgiven us for Waterloo, shattering that dream, and never will forgive us. And we, the British peoples, must keep on paying them for having inflicted this shame and defeat on them – not only at Waterloo but during WWI and WWII as well.

We must never be allowed to talk about money, our money, nor about why we, on this small Island, we’re able to resist and fight not only a bloody war but an economic one as well for such a long time. We cannot be allowed to realise that we won through our own efforts, through our own modern economy, inventiveness, sheer work and sacrifices.

After all, if we do finally realise this, we might ask the inconvenient question why we should pay for the pleasure of becoming impoverished ourselves while being despised for our sacrifices to keep Europe from tyranny for over two hundred years!

Isn’t it time we stopped subsidising the continental Left and use our money for ourselves?

Aren’t 200 years of us subsidising the ingrates in EUrope enough?


Photo by The British Library

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