From: Mr Simms, East Sussex, a UKIP supporter but not a member.

Dear Editor,

This year could be the year for UKIP.  Nigel Farage and his troops have a real chance of making a huge impact on the way Britain goes forward.

The floods in Somerset, Thames Valley and elsewhere should be working in your favour. Use it to your advantage. Apart from all the other problems we have with debt, social breakdown, crime, poor education, discipline, unions, ‘elf and safety, NHS and of course immigration, the thing that really hits the British public is that when their wellbeing, the safety of their homes, families, possessions and wealth come under threat, and they have no support from Westminster.

The Blair and Brown years have been a disaster for Britain. I don’t have time to go over their failings: the list is endless. I have been a “true blue” all my working life and Margaret Thatcher made a big difference for me because she made big changes at a time when the last Labour government made a complete hash of our economy.

The coalition government we have now is too weak and too slow and don’t have the backing within to make changes. The only thing they have managed to get control over is the economy, to a degree, but that was hardly difficult as the world comes out of recession.

UKIP have a chance to make this country great again.  Nigel Farage is a great talker, his voice is strong and gives an impression of leadership.  Now that the Home Counties are flooded a huge part of the population will want change. Start banging the drum about simplifying Britain. The foreign aid budget, the monetary contribution to the EU. The whole of the UK is fed up with many things but the flooding has affected leafy Surrey and Berkshire and it’s time for you to get your act together.

Get a manifesto together now. Get it into the media, the papers and political broadcasts. Between now and May, UKIP have a big opportunity here. Get on about the foreign aid budget, putting proper flood defences in place, concentrating on “charity beginning at home“: that should be your slogan. Folk want to hear that and see it.

Immigration: put simply, we have had enough.

The education of our children is so poor. My 6 year old child is being given homework, week in week out, that he could do with his eyes shut – the children are not challenged enough. Ten A-Grade mean GCSE’s nothing. My 18-year-old step daughter and her friends have no awareness of anything around them – no sense of how to work and communicate together or how to even iron a shirt properly. Open boot camps – every 18-year-old should have 6 months of a type of national service. Life for them is about texting, tweeting and iPads, rather than building social groups and being able to do practical things together.

Sort crime out, get people out of prison for petty crime, have them cleaning things up, put into prison people who cause crime that affects people’s lives, like mugging and burglary. Deal with “travellers” who pinch my hedge-cutters and mowers. These are the people who should go to prison for years not weeks or not at all!

The list goes on and on and on.  Last week, a car and it’s occupants had to be rescued from a flooded road nearby my house. I would love to know what the cost of that operation was to the tax payer. I have never seen so many fire tenders and emergency services in attendance. Two firemen could have walked up, given a fireman’s lift to the family and walked out. This is not a criticism of the services but an example of “overkill” in our society. The emergency services were following “procedure” which I hear too much about!

This country has over 3 trillion pounds worth of debt (including pension and PPI liabilities) and this is likely to tip the financial balance one day. That will happen after 2015 if we get another Labour government. We must start protecting honest hard working and loving families rather than dishing out money to every minority group going and the joke that is the EU.

What’s happening gets people vocal and my message to UKIP is to get vocal while this is fresh in people’s memories and strike whilst the iron is hot.

Also, there are a lot of concerns that people have about coming out of Europe, if and when there is a vote. For me having an EU was a way to trade better: no duties on trade, which is what we have. But, Norway and Switzerland have been highly successful working within the EFTA and without all the other aspects of the EU. We should remember that trade between Britain and Europe works both ways and an opt-out of the EU should not be seen as a worry.

I worked in the freight industry until a few years ago and most of my business was done in Europe. Some customers had been with the company for 30 years! Business was set up between individuals in the company and the customer without interference of the EU. Coming out of the EU should not be seen as a bad business decision, as these partnerships were there before all the treaties were signed and they will still be there if we tear them up and put them in the bin.

One last point – North Sea Oil and Gas. I am investing in some UK companies that are working on technology to extract heavy oil. There are huge reserves sitting at the bottom of the North Sea which we can use, but Investment is poor due to the tax regime. I know Osborne has hinted at some breaks in the next budget, which I think is politically motivated by the Scottish referendum, but UKIP should back this technology and encourage this development. From memory most fields have something like 30% of their reserves untouched due to the problems of extracting it. There is a small company called Xcite energy that has pioneered the technology, but they have been trying to farm out development of their project and do not have the cash to develop their field on their own. It is projects like this we need to encourage British companies like Xcite should get as many advantages as possible so these fields go into production in the years ahead. This business is sitting on our doorstep, so let’s do what we can to get these things started.

I think I am saying what the majority of the UK think. I have no experience of politics and have no desire to get involved myself – I will leave that to you with your knowledge and experience. What I do have is common sense, family values and a belief in making life simple and easy to understand. UKIP have to be powerful enough to get the message over to the whole of the UK that enough is enough on all these issues I have highlighted.

UKIP, start shouting that message from the roof tops.

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