Dear sir,

I feel that I must alert all readers of the newspaper to an exciting new organisation that has been set up to try and blacken UKip’s name.  It’s rather daringly called Stand Up To Ukip.

It’s description of Ukip is:-  “UKIP(sic) is a party of bigots, sexists, Islamophobes and homophobes and on and on.”
to:- “Now is the time to make stand against UKIP.  The lesson of  history is that we need unity against the far right and racism.  Stand up to UKIP is an umbrella organisation which believes women, trade unions, anti racists, black, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, other faith communities, LBGT, young people, students and all good people must unite and stand up to UKIP, racism and bigotry.”
Who are these heroes setting up this group?
Diane Abbott MP, who had to apologise for her racist remark in 2012 for saying that White people love playing the Divide and rule card. Who sent her own son to a Public School rather than a State School even though she critisised others for doing so.
Len McCluskey, whose union is Labour’s biggest donor, and whose union was involved in trying to get Karie Murphy selected as the Labour candidate for Falkirk by voting for union members who weren’t Labour supporters.
Ken Livingstone, one time Labour MP and Mayor of London, who likened a Jewish newspaper reporter to a concentration camp guard in 2005. Who also got his tax returns in a bit of a muddle.
Owen Jones, one time Guardian journalist, who on the rock solid foundations of a film that bombed in the Box Office, accused Mrs. Thatcher of being the cause of prejudice against miners, lesbians, gays and transgenders.
Lynsey German,  who had to resign from the SWP because her views were too extreme.
There are another eleven so far, all of whom wouldn’t approve of Ed Miliband; yet alone our Nige.
Let’s look at some of their claims:


Bigots?  Hardly. Nikki Sinclair, one of our previous MEPs was a transgender person.

Sexist?  How can that be when UKip returned more female MEPs to the EU than any of the other UK parties?

Homophobes?   I will be sure to tell our openly homosexual MEP from Scotland when I see him at the Conference.

Racist?  I’ll tell all the ethnic minority Councillors who won seats last year and this year that when I see them at Conference as well.
I’ll make a point of telling all these things to Stand Up To UKIP as they intend to picket the UKIP Conference.


In reality, this organisation is merely a front for Labour activists. They reveal themselves with their remark that UKIP received disproportionate coverage prior to the elections.

(Although UKIP received a high vote share; 65 % of the population did not vote.)
Yours sincerely

Stuart Eels.


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