Freddy Vaccha wrote the letter below to Lord Stoddard of Swindon, Independent Labour, as answer to this Press release from his office:

The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has criticised the Electoral Commission for what he believes is their ‘cravenly caving in’ to pressure from Remainer MPs and activists over the re-investigation of Vote Leave’s funding of ‘BeLeave’ during the referendum campaign.

Lord Stoddart said: “It is my understanding that the Electoral Commission, not only approved the donation to BeLeave at the time, but it has already subsequently looked into this issue and found nothing wrong. I find it very disappointing that they appear to have cravenly caved-in to pressure from the Remain lobby and decided to investigate again. The Electoral Commission is supposed to be an independent body and should not be seen to be influenced by political pressure.

“It is very dangerous for our democracy for the Commission to give the impression that it takes action based on who shouts loudest in the political arena.”

Dear Stuart (we have communicated before),

Well said!

The Electoral Commission has once again exposed itself as being politically-motivated and biased.  We in UKIP are well aware of its true nature; in the 2014 European elections, Elcom found it acceptable to allow  a “UK Independence Now” branded party, now dissolved, to appear with that description on the ballot paper, and furthermore to appear at the very top of the ballot paper (its emblem began with “An Independence”)…  It cost us one, perhaps two, seats in the EP. What next? “Literal Democrats”? Oops.

To add insult to injury in the recent attempt to derail Brexit, there’s never been an enquiry into that ghastly David Cameron and George Osborne’s utterly misleading, unfair and one-sided “informative” (sic) leaflet, funded with taxpayers’ money to the tune of £9.4 million, and worst of all, masquerading as an independent, unbiased government study that claimed to present both sides of the argument.

That meant that REMAIN overspent by about £9.4 million, and furthermore that the money used was stolen, public funds used for an improper party-political purpose.

The size of that sum and its source makes attacking “Leave” spending the height of hypocrisy.

Why have these odious crooks, together with their accessories and familiars, not been brought to book?  And where is Elcom looking, or contriving not to look? It’s time to visit its senior kleptocrats with a few P45s, methinks.

Our country, and the clearly expressed will of the people, are being betrayed.

Let me break off – or I’ll say what I really think.

Keep up the good work, Lord Stoddart.  I know that in this quest you have the support of UKIP’s Peers, MEPs and members.


Freddy Vachha, UKIP Chairman – London Region

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