Dear all,


I would like to start by thanking you all for your continued support of the UK Independence Party and keeping the faith. As we predicted, the nation has been betrayed by those we have elected to make a complete withdrawal from the European Union. Our membership has rocketed due to this.


The party is currently on high alert as we believe there will be a General Election this autumn in order for the treacherous government to once again attempt to overturn the democratic will of the people. Many people trusted the Prime Minister and thus the Tory’s remained in power, however it is clear that the only way we shall achieve a true Brexit is if a patriotic party get some clout in Westminster – UKIP is the only credible alternative.


In order to be prepared for the upcoming election (which many see as effectively a second referendum) the county will need as much help as we can possibly get. It is time to unite for this final battle and we are looking for volunteers to help with:


1) Street stalls;

2) Social media (Administrating pages or making videos);

3) Leafleting.


If you can help within any of these fields, please reply to Krishnakali ( and we shall contact you in due course.


Our finest hour is yet to come and your country is depending on you, it is now your duty to step up and help finish the job!


Yours Sincerely

Martin Costello

UKIP Wiltshire Chairman


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