It is an extraordinary step for UKIP Daily and for me as Editor-in-Chief to take a post down, but I am forced to do so.

Ms Watts had sent me her letter at the beginning of the week, and we were in correspondence because in my opinion it needed a re-write for various reasons. She send me the re-written copy which I published below. She did write that I was free to edit as I saw fit. 

What she did not do was informing me that she had also submitted her letter to ‘kipper central’. It’s her right to do so, but all other correspondents inform me that they have submitted their letters elsewhere as well, and inform me if they had been published. She did not do that, nor did she inform me that her letter had been published on ‘kippercentral’  early this morning. It is a courtesy amongst online publications to provide such links because the early publication has the copyright and usually permission is asked by the publisher if the article in question can be published elsewhere.

Since UKIP Daily was thus prevented from asking permission, and since Ms Watts did not see fit to inform me, I am forced to take this post down as a matter of editorial policy.

Ed: This letter was submitted by Pam Watts and is addressed to Henry Bolton, Nigel Farage and UKIP members:

In case you want to know, I voted for Anne Marie Waters.


Pam Watts

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