Dear Sir/Madam

The reason for this letter is to explain my personal reasons for becoming such a staunch supporter of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

I feel compelled to write this letter after having to deal with months of completely false allegations, ridiculous accusations and wickedly wanton lies about UKIP. These vile allegations are being published by certain sections of the written media every day.

I am descended from Indian born immigrants who arrived in Romford, Essex in the 1970s. Both of my grandparents spoke fluent English, were well educated, and they made the maximum effort to socially integrate with the locals. They were subjected to the most vile hostility from the National Front, who were then at their notorious peak.

I therefore know at first hand what true racism and fascism is. I can categorically guarantee that UKIP and its members are most certainly not as they are painted in the media. There sadly appears to be a concerted effort to “force” the public to believe the vicious myths about UKIP. Believe me I’d be the first to condemn UKIP if they were.

I am British born, I love my country, and it is absolutely heartbreaking to see how the EU are bullying, controlling and dominating it. The EU are completely stripping us of our sovereignty, national traditions and our cultural identity. The Tory/Lib Dem coalition have demonstrated a mind-boggling level of ignorance and incompetence in their inability to deal with this issue, completely failing to negotiate anything meaningful for the people whom they are meant to serve!

Labour are equally, if not more, dangerous. They have clearly stated that they’ll happily hand more power to the EU, to integrate further within the political federalist regime the EU wish to force on us by it’s Commissioners. These 28 commissioners are unelected, their meetings private, their aims, objectives and authority are secret. This move, by Labour, would have a catastrophic effect on our beloved public services. Labour will not give us any opportunity to voice our opinions on the EU through a straight forward IN or OUT referendum. It is sadly all too obvious that they do not have a patriotic bone in their bodies. Please do not give them the opportunity to achieve their damaging goals.

Due to the actions of a reckless few bad apples (10 candidates out of 2,334, each of whom have been expelled from the party), the other parties have seized their opportunity to hold these 10 people up as being the voice of UKIP. This is so far removed from the truth it is laughable. Especially if you compare that small number to the vile, dangerous and inflammatory actions made by elected people from other parties.

To give just one example from many, the media have completely ignored the Lib Dem councillor, Colin Rosenstiel, who was charged with assaulting and beating a 7 year old child. He is still standing in this month’s election, the Lib Dems think he is still a suitable person to feature on the ballot paper, despite being on police bail for this nasty and cowardly charge.

This incredible level of blatant bias is immensely irritating and frustrating. There are many more examples of the media blatantly ignoring these hideous, nefarious and dangerous acts undertaken by elected members of other parties. I will leave it for you to research the numerous other examples which have not been reported in the same way as the small number of UKIP candidates actions and comments have been.

Certain media frequently accuse UKIP of homophobia, but yet they fail to inform their readers that we have around 1,000 members in our UKIP “LGBT” group. I’m incredibly proud of this and the numbers are rapidly increasing. A number of our candidates are openly gay. We welcome all into the UKIP fold in fact the only people who are not wanted in UKIP are those people who have been members or activists of extremist parties.

Another completely ludicrous and ridiculous accusation levelled at UKIP is that they are misogynistic. We have an abundance of unrivalled female political talent and true quality such as Suzanne Evans, Diane James, Elizabeth Jones and Star Etheridge to name a few of many. The ladies of UKIP are exceptional role models for me and many other younger members. It should not be forgotten that we have so many female candidates going in to the next election because they were selected by UKIP members as the best people for the job, not because of positive discrimination or an enforced all-women short list as you see in other parties.

By making such spurious, unfounded accusations the media opens everyone’s eyes to its biased and partisan motives. Thankfully the public can see through these smears, with the result that the media’s worst efforts are having the reverse effect to that intended; it is attracting members to UKIP rather than repelling them!

May 22nd is about a lot more than just politics, it’s about saving our national identity and sovereignty from a political elite. The LibLabCons and EU Commissioners quite frankly care only about their own bank balances and political careers, not the people whom they are supposed to serve.

UKIP is the exact polar opposite. It is not racist or xenophobic to say that you love your own country. It is not racist or xenophobic to say that unlimited and uncontrolled immigration has already had a catastrophic effect on our precious public services, that are already at breaking point.

The time is up for the three old parties, its time for a change. Please think about lending YOUR vote to UKIP on May 22nd.

Yours faithfully

Anish Patel

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