London regional chairman Freddy Vachha has written to the Metropolitan Police about Saturday’s rally outside the US Embassy.  We have permission to publish his letter:


T/PS 6376 CO
SC&O22(1) Police Liaison Gateway Team
2nd Floor, Block B,
Police HQ
109 Lambeth Rd, London SE1 7JH

Dear Sergeant Leahy,

You’re a good chap.  Further to our face-to-face talks on June 23, and later phone ones wherein you suggested I write to you so you would forward my representations to your superiors, here they are:

Re: Intended UKIP Rally outside the main entrance to the US Embassy in Vauxhall at noon on Saturday, July 14, 2018

My mother and her parents did not flee from our capital city when national socialist bullies and terrorists threatened them with death from the air.  They stayed on in Islington throughout (1940-45), eye-witness to houses across the street being taken out by a V-1.  My then-teenage mum had actually chosen to return from her great-aunt’s in Melton Mowbray to London to face Hitler’s Blitz.  Granddad died of treatable pneumonia a week before the Nazis capitulated, because he believed London’s hospitals were “for our lads”.

The police are, therefore, nuts if they think that I am going to be intimidated by another bunch of socialist thugs.

UKIP’s rally is in support of President Trump’s visit and in support of the United States of America, which has been the United Kingdom’s most faithful and important friend and ally for the last one hundred and one years.  Without the USA’s support we would have probably lost World War II, plunging the planet into an unprecedented epoch of darkness.  The yanks may often be late doing the right thing, but, like the Commonwealth, at least they’re on our side, which is a lot more than can be said for so many of the rest.

Rally attendees will be a small number of UKIP members, peaceful citizens like me, without criminal records, and many of them elderly.  There are to be brief speeches over the course of an hour, acknowledging Britain’s gratefulness to the USA and the special relationship between our countries.  A letter of welcome from UKIP London will be handed over to the US Embassy (shut on Saturday, but I have established there will be a member of staff there).  It is a stationary event, unconnected to anything else taking place that day.

It is outrageous that there should even be any controversy about this…

If our intentions upset the Met’s bosses, the equally appalling Common Purpose graduate, “Don’t shoot me, I’m not Brazilian” incompetent Dick and US-hating lawyer (just how many Islamic terrorists claim he’s their close friend?), anti-stop-and-search Khan, then frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.  That pair has, by commission or omission, encouraged all sorts of anti-Trump and anti-USA goings-on in London, including the childish blimp to be flown over Parliament.  Well, I believe in freedom of expression – but this freedom must cut both ways.  And it is simply good manners to greet a guest.

If the Met suspects there may be a breach of the peace, it won’t be us breaching it – deal with those others who, on their records, might be.

That the Met even considers threatening decent, law-abiding folk with s12 and/or s14 Public Order Act 1986 sanctions shows how politicised, untrustworthy and unfit-for-purpose the police have become.  I do not believe it is lawful to apply either section to stop us; furthermore, the law recognises our right to assemble to peacefully express our warm and friendly feelings.  This right can only be overridden in the most extreme of circumstances.  No application here.

I attach to this email a PDF (tabulating London’s spiralling crime statistics) that takes a stab at documenting Khan’s brilliant record in his first year as Mayor.

So, instead of attempting to divert focus by harassing those who are peaceful but whose politics disagree with those of the Khan and the Dick, the police should use its resources to reverse this khanage, to prevent and solve murders, stabbings, burglaries, robberies and the crime of our time, the industrial scale, organised rape and sex-slavery of young girls, many of them children, by gangs of paedophiles, the overwhelming majority of whom share a particular racial profile.  But in December 2017, Dick had the sheer effrontery to publicly declare such mass grooming had been a part of British society for “centuries”…

To your bosses I say – shame on them!  They are beneath contempt.

See you in Vauxhall.

Yours sincerely,

Freddy Vachha
UKIP Chairman – London Region

Ed: Freddy Vachha sent us the attachments below, after publication, with the request to add them to his letter:




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