Ed: The letter below has just come in from our correspondent in the USA, and we add it to today’s “Letters” because last night’s Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has been of such huge interest to the media here in this country:

Sir,   I’m waiting to hear the analysis regarding Mike Pence’s [Donald Trump’s running mate] departure from the ticket; Trump’s decision to forfeit the debate; the Republican National Committee’s arcane rules for replacing the nominee and the resignation of his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, who could not reconcile Trump’s behavior with her Christianity. Those subjects dominated the news cycle in the days following the release of the audio tape of an 11 year old conversation between Trump and a cousin of Jeb Bush that revealed Trump using a vulgarity to refer to women.

But it’s all crickets, folks!

“BECAUSE YOU’D BE IN JAIL” –  that was the line that defined the night. Whatever the media and the moderators wanted to focus on, whatever they wanted to hang around Trump’s neck, he wrote his own script, he produced the play, he directed the cast and he was the star.  

What was supposed to be a public lynching of a misogynistic vulgarian became an indictment of Hillary Clinton’s lawlessness, of the media that enable her, and the corrupt, utterly supine law enforcement agencies that cannot find a reason to bring her to justice. 

The caricature of Trump as a sexual predator was never going to work. The supposedly adult, sophisticated, liberated women who slowly faint having the vapors while proclaiming they’ve never heard such language happen to belong to the same cohort that champion an idiotic play called The Vagina Monologues.  The women who are slinging the tired ‘objectification of women’ slur are the same women who pine for a President Hillary because she has, you know, a vagina.  They ARE the ‘Vagina Vote’.  

The complicity of Hillary in her husband’s predation has been ignored by media and her minions for years.  They are STILL doing it.  Mika Brezhinski [a US TV presenter] is, as I write, almost in tears because Hillary won’t defend herself for staying with her husband for family and country.

For just awhile longer … The erosion has begun.

Will this turn the tide? There seem to have been a lot of tides in this election cycle. This particular one seems to have gone back out to sea. There will be more, I have no doubt. The pundits I’ve heard this morning are saying, in simple declarative sentences, that Trump cannot win. They are the same pundits I’ve heard say that Trump would never be the nominee, that Trump will lose the electoral college by a landslide, that Trump will forego last night’s election.

They don’t seem to understand that they’ve brought a laptop to a pub brawl and Trump owns the pub.

Respectfully, Pamela Gray


Ed: The following letters, by contributors to and readers of UKIP Daily, came in during the last week and reflect the thoughts of many members:

Sir,  I have been a member of UKIP since May 1994 and have seen numerous resignations, arguments, etc in that time. They have all had two things in common – one, they were quickly forgotten and, two, party members in the country had very little idea what was going on. There has never been an explanation for what happened except generalised comments by the person involved. In fact, I still don’t know why Alan Sked, our founder/leader was ‘outed’. I use the word ‘outed’ because I don’t believe we were ever told what went on. I knew of his resistance to UKIP putting up candidates for the European elections on the grounds that we should not attempt to join an organisation we intended to leave, so I have always assumed he had to go in order to make that possible. The irony is that it was because members of other parties felt they could vote for us on this issue that gave us the chance to become well enough known to make people take notice of us. However, I don’t actually know the truth! 

It is time members were told the background to such events. It’s no wonder that Ray Catlin felt it necessary to propose a new constitution that would make such secrecy less likely. There are defects in his proposals but there is no doubt he is on the right lines. My Branch is going to discuss his constitution tonight (5th Oct 2016). I rather suspect our view will be that anything will be better than whatever Head Office might propose because it curtails much of their current powers.

Respectfully, Ted Wildey


Sir, Here are my thoughts about the continuing need for UKIP. Referring to a recent Daily Express article, headlined “Putin stokes WW3 fears: Russia launches long-haul bombers to patrol Japan and Hawaii”, it would seem that Daily Express readers are not taken in by the stance of the West on Putin, nor is the general public unaware of the devilry of the mighty USA. Ukraine and Syria were peaceful countries until the West intervened, and even if there had been anything amiss with their leaders at that time, the West has delivered mayhem. It is of course far worse in Syria, where the UN estimates 400,000 have died. Even the Devil himself could not have delivered such mayhem.

The appreciation of  how the EU was failing was brought about by Nigel Farage through UKIP. So UKIP’s job is far from over. A strong Party to attack the Conservatives is required!

What was so wrong with the perfectly English speaking Bashar Hafez al-Assad who studied at the Western Eye Hospital, in London, specialising in ophthalmology, or in other words he is an eye surgeon? Could Cameron or May have ever qualified as such? Assad could not possibly have survived this long in a civil war if he had been so unpopular!

The UK requires a Party to stand up for what is right in the world, and UKIP fits that bill. UKIP’s work is not over by any means.

Respectfully, Malcolm Shykles


Sir,   This last week has displayed an inability of some of our MEPs to respond to the words of our leaders who have suggested harmony, working towards UKIP’s objectives and getting behind our leaders. When will some of our senior active members consider the people, the ordinary UKIP members who put them there? Many of them worked their socks off to achieve the results UKIP did in elections and the Referendum.

But what can we really expect when Mr Farage, Mr Gill and othe rsenior figures publicly show their anger and hatred towards the likes of Mr Carswell and Mr Hamilton.This open abuse breeds aggression, division, and undermines what we as Party stand for: to make things better for the people. As  far as politics are concerned: has anyone noticed how well we are doing at the Welsh Assembly? 6 people working their socks off influencing Welsh policies with the Party’s principles in mind. At Conference it would have been interesting and constructive to hear about their work, in line with the London Assembly. In this past week, up to the affair at Strasbourg, the sound bites have been many, but one fundamental point has been missing from all that turmoil: Leadership!

Mr Farage, please lead! You are a powerful man, with  strong beliefs and a way of convincing many people. You, along with many in UKIP, have achieved your life’s objective: to get us out of the EU. Now lets clean up this act. The MEPs are in your Team, they are our ambassadors. Let’s clean up this act now.

Respectfully, Ron Hughes.

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