The following letters reached us this week and provide arguments which are very useful to all Brexit campaigners. The first is from one of our readers:

Dear Editor,

It is very disturbing to think that we not only joined the EU, we were completely sold out to it. How frightening to think that our politicians were so one sided in their thinking they never considered that if the EU itself collapsed we would have no reserve to keep our country solvent. Are we in such a parlous state now that our whole economic edifice will crumble if we escape from the clutches of the EU? Have our politicians made no contingency plans for every possible scenario regarding the obvious fragility of the EU?

If we  come out, the first thing to be done is to ensure that we are never again put at the mercy of any Institution which is able to threaten our prosperity and frighten our people – particularly the elderly – into such a state of submission and impoverishment. Never again should our politicians be so emasculated!

It seems to me that the Leader of our country is admitting that if we left the EU he would be helpless in dealing with the fall out. How disappointing for the nation. If he were truly committed to his job he should be reassuring all the people that he would resolutely stand by them whatever the outcome of the referendum.

Yours faithfully,

Eunice Theaker

One of our contributors sent us the next letter:

Cameron, and his wife, are now trying to frighten UK pensioners by claiming that their bus passes etc will be withdrawn. They should be telling us of the frightening prospect of EU pensions. There is a massive 30 trillion euros “hole” looming in the pension funding for 17 EU countries according to the study, compiled in 2009 by the Research Center for Generational Contracts at Freiburg University, which was commissioned by the European Central Bank.

The largest pension liabilities for the existing populations in 2009 in per cent of GDP were in France (362.2%) and Germany (329.6%). The UK had the lowest pension liability of those examined at 91.2%.

The EU pension liability will obviously get much worse since 2009, considering the millions of immigrants coming into the EU since the report was written, and through new countries, like Turkey, waiting to join.

Presumably when David Cameron and the Remain campaigners are advocating that we vote to stay in the EU “for our children’s sake” they are looking forward to condemning our children to having to pay off some of this vast sum, which already equates to 1 million euros for every UK taxpayer!

Yours sincerely,

Jerry Wraith

Today’s last letter also is by one of our contributors and was previously published in her local newspaper:

To start with, once we leave the European Union we shall return to living under a democratic government once more. How many people realise that the EU’s government is not a democracy but a form of dictatorship known as an Oligarchy, which is nothing to do with rich Russians, but means control by a small group of people who think they know better than the rest of us.

Everything else – justice, trade, employment, finance, immigration, defence, etc. – follows from this.

Once we Leave, there will no longer be a fear that the Napoleonic Code of justice, which is practised in most of the EU, will be introduced into Britain, doing away with our own Common Law and its guarantee of a defendant being considered ‘Innocent until Guilty’. Nor will the European Arrest Warrant be used to force holiday-makers or business people back to jails in EU countries if they break an EU law, even if that law is not a crime here in Britain. Once again, Britain can demand evidence before allowing our nationals to be extradited to a country in the EU, just as it does for any other country in the world.

EU Regulations have all but destroyed the livelihood of our fishermen by restricting their catch and where they can send their boats. Once outside of the EU we can regain our fishing rights as an independent nation, and as to maintaining fish stocks, our own government can issue their own rules. EU Regulations which, inside the EU, Britain has to abide by, have also destroyed our steel industry causing great loss of employment.

For the last 22 years, although it is not know exactly why, EU accounts have not been audited and signed off, but this means that we are unable to tell just how many billions of pounds Britain has paid to the EU and just where this money has gone. We shall only find out just how much we have been paying per year once we Leave, and then this money – however much it is – can be used as necessary. We can build our own roads, subsidise our own farmers, increase money for education and the National Health Service as we, ourselves, think fit, and not rely on the EU to return to Britain what it thinks it will.

Once again, Britain will be able to control its own borders, allowing in refugees and immigrants as considered necessary and for whom there will be the housing, education and health services they need. At present the Government says the country’s population stands at about 65 million but, judging on the amount of food sold weekly, supermarkets such as Morrisons and Sainsburys believe it could be as high as 77 million already.

Another important matter to bear in mind is that of all the member states in the EU, Britain is the only one with professional defence forces, and with the current, dangerous, state of the world could the defence of the UK be weakened by their blending with the other, more amateur, forces?

As one member amongst 28 currently forming the EU and with more countries due to take up membership, how much influence shall we have in the future in this Oligarchy? Under this type of Government we have no say, no way of improving our lives. We have to rely on the good sense and good will of the dictators above us.

And the European Commission are proving to have neither!

The Government of the EU may not be a full-blown dictatorship, but do we really want our children and our grandchildren to live under any kind of Dictatorship?   

If not, the only thing you can do is to vote LEAVE!

Kind regards,

Sonya Jay Porter

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