Today’s letters reflect what most of us have been thinking and talking about this week. The first is from our contributor Ted Wildey:


in common with most members living beyond the Styx I have no idea what is going on except that it appears that many of those with a degree of authority in the party are manoeuvring to gain a personal advantage with no thought as to the effect on the party – except possibly that they think their rise up the hierarchy can only be to the party’s benefit.

Is anyone, outside the squabbling mob, in a position to summarise what is going on? I’m not asking for the apportioning of blame, just a statement of the facts so that members can make up their minds and act accordingly.

The sort of questions I have in mind are

  •  who are the Faragists and who are the anti-Faragists?
  •  what different policies do they espouse?
  •  what is at the heart of the Nathan Gill/Neil Hamilton argument?
  •  how accurate is Dr Slivnik’s analysis of the situation?

Any help would be appreciated!

Respectfully, Ted Wildey

The following letter forcefully addresses the situation we grassroot members find ourselves in at this moment:


The grassroots need an effective Party Machine!

UKIP should be at its height now, post referendum and with both main parties split on how the UK should exit the EU. But it is not happening. Internal and publicly aired bullshit is destroying the hearts of our grassroots members. We, at this end, have only had the bad news pushed on us by a mainstream media that love kicking us. I run a very successful business. If my Staff publicly disrespected my business, there would be and has been very serious consequences.

I predicted UKIP would lose around 50-60% of its membership post referendum. I hoped UKIP would slim down, rejecting the carpet baggers and “politically correct” back stabbers. UKIP has to develop the natural talent bubbling underneath and come out as a lean, mean social political fighting machine, run by people from real life. We must insist on unity and team spirit!

The Conservative Government is busy applying UKIP policies. Why are we not crowing about this? We should be proud of the fact that both major parties are adopting our work. I implore you all, sing UKIP praises loudly every day. Poo poo the bad press, it is still the establishment hitting out at UKIP.

As UKIP officials and activists, we have a responsibility to communicate a united front to our membership or the damage from the establishment will be irreversible.  We must work together and come up with a solid set of Brexit and County Council policies. Our army of leaflet designers and deliverers have nothing new to work with. They are stagnating at home. In Hampshire we destroyed 2 tons of out of date material, with wrong phone numbers, out of date policies and photos of people no longer associated with the party. A simple set of working policies will give branches something to work with Something new and easy to adapt to our localities..

Obviously our stance on the Armed services and Border control are important but, some social UKIP  policies are essential.

We must allow all EU citizens that are legally living in the UK, on the date of the referendum, to remain.

We must generate a “Buy and employ British” mentality

We must support council owned social housing.

We must stop benefits for non full UK residents.

I am sure we can all think of of a few more and we must!

We must refresh and update our 2015 manifesto.

Write to your county or regional teams. Let them know the strengths of  your branch and members. Pass on the positive thoughts on policy that are discussed locally not just the negatives. I do not need to bleat on about recent national issues that dominate the press. We are all aware of them. We need to quickly grab the initiative and show our members that we still have the skills and intelligence to take this great party forward. UKIP was built on a very strong foundation, it is a shame we let the cowboys build our second floor.

Respectfully, Alan Stone, Chairman of Basingstoke Branch

And finally, a ”slightly frivolous piece of genuine analysis on the US presidential elections”, written before the last debate yesterday:


Here is a tongue-in-cheek (I realise that I may have cause to regret that expression) examination of the mainstream media approach to the US elections.

I Googled the following expression: “Hillary Clinton is beautiful”. How heart warming! Everyone thinks like me, or so it seems (I am lying!):

About 70,500 results in 0.39 seconds were found.

So, when in a hole, dig like crazy. I Googled the following: “Hillary Clinton is ugly”. OK, I know, it is not tasteful, it is sexist, racist and divisive – my excuse is that I am doing this for science!

It produced 4 results in 0.34 seconds.

Why so long? One can only guess that the Mountain View hippies never expected any loathsome pervert to bowl such an unacceptable request down to the virtual wicket. 

It seems I have established something called ‘bias’ here, so I persisted. I Googled: “Hillary will win”: 169,000 in 0.51 seconds.

So the following unacceptable search was pinged: “Donald will win”: 15,000 results in 0.48 seconds.

Google is your friend. Especially if your name is ‘Clinton’. ‘Hillary emails’ (without quote marks this time) produced 142m finds in only 0.69 seconds.

‘Trump women’ – (same conditions apply) produced 258m finds in 0.73 seconds. That makes him guilty! “Get the electric chair ready, Barack, we have a ‘cooker’ here!”

So, despite all the above depressing news, I am pleased to report that there is another side to this which may reveal something. Hillary is always referred to by her supporters as ‘Hillary’ and not as ‘Clinton’. Trump is referred to by most as Trump, because rednecks are made of harder stuff, as we all know. 

“Clinton will win” produced 338,000 results in 0.43 seconds. See what happens when you remove emotional preference?

“Trump will win” produced 1,020,000 results in a faster time of 0.38 seconds! Empiricism at work – just for you!

To return to my opening remark here, one swallow does not a summer make. (OK, I’ll get my coat in a minute.) But there are millions of them out there. Yay! We may have a result here!

Respectfully, Schrödinger’s Cat


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