Today’s letters cover a wide spectrum of issues. To start with, the letter by our contributor Paul Maher is about the entry to the EU of Turkey and more poor Eastern European Countries


As discussion for Turkey entering the EU advances, we have the frightening prospect of 77 million Turks gaining access to the UK by leapfrogging here via the Schengen Zone, until the EU ends the Zone so giving full entry rights.  Once Turkey joins the EU, will it be that people from neighbouring countries only have to live in Turkey until they gain residency, then be free to travel where they please?

Not far behind comes Albania (population 2.8M); Bosnia (3.7M); Macedonia (2.0M); Montenegro (0.5M); Serbia (7.1M); and Ukraine (42.7M).  So there is the potential in a few short years that over 130 million more Eastern Europeans could have the right to work here.  This will further keep down wages and take up British job opportunities.  But they will come here with their families.  What will that do to our housing shortage?  How will this affect our green belts?  Our Doctor/Hospital waiting times or our schools?

A further alarming possibility in a few years time could be that the Far-Right parties in France and Germany demand their own Referendum’s.  Now if we fail in our fight to leave the EU and eventually either France and/or Germany both leave, that leaves the UK holding the EU baby.  Where would all those European immigrants living in France and Germany go?  Guess!

There is already 500 million people in the EU who could come here if they so wish, thankfully that is not the case.  But with 130 million more entitled to come here in a few short years, when would the decision be made that our Island is full up?  When we reach 80 million?  100 million?  150 million?  Whoever makes that decision will not be British.  The British are in danger of becoming a minority in this country and losing our identity as those coming here come with their own culture and way of life.  The official figures regarding net migration into the UK are unknown, as the authorities have lamely informed us.  The average UK family are now having something like 1.6 children.  Immigrant families, once here, are having three, four, five.

We must leave the EU before our once proud nation goes into meltdown.  If we don’t, I do have a solution.  As Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are so pro-EU and demand the freedom of people’s movement throughout Europe, let these potential millions of migrants go to Scotland!  It has a tiny population and vast amounts of land where housing, schools, hospitals, roads and so on can be built for them.

Paul Maher

Our contributor John Timbrell reminds us again about this important petition:

Am I alone in thinking like this? I like this country and what it officially stands for. What I hate and cringe is when I see what we do on the world stage by interfering with other states with whom we quite correctly disagree but really have no business interfering. The bottom line is, what they do might be repulsive to us, but who are we to judge and interfere? I am confirmed in my opinion when I see that where we have interfered, the chaos that ensues is worse than what we tried to correct.

So being concerned and looking into several war zones where we ‘assisted’ or interfered, I find that we ourselves are being used by a hidden agenda to try and achieve some group’s global domination.

I’ve always admired the Swiss people. I might disagree with them, but their government remains insular and reacts to what the Swiss countrymen want. Oh! how this upsets the globalists who now through the EU are trying to force the Swiss to ‘behave’.

So Britain has a referendum. What a con.This is just a con to appease the Eurosceptics. No Audit. No Problem! They carry on regardless and when you complain a bit allow you to have your say in a referendum. They know the referendum will not change anything. They know after about 3 months of excitement that when you vote leave you will breathe a sigh of relief and concentrate on something else.

They know that the Lisbon Treaty is unlawful, but you don’t so they will pretend to go through the motions of leaving which will take many years during which you will get bored. Surprise surprise at the end because of qualified majority voting we will still be contributing to the EU, and paying the ever increasing salaries of  the unelected bureaucrats.

Who is to blame for all this? You!!. Yes you!! Because you did not protest and now still do not protest.

So spread the word , if necessary in a forceful way, about these illegal treaties. AND get everyone to sign this petition.

John Timbrell


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