The following letter by our contributor Christopher Gill was sent to The Times, as reply to an article by Mr Dominic Raab, but not published in that august paper. It was written before the terrorist attack in Brussels but addresses the vital point of what will happen to our Freedom if we remain, given the cries for ‘More EU’ coming from Brussels already:


Dominic Raab MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice, warns (The Times, 19th March) that the choice on 23rd June is between Britain’s “particular creed of liberal pluralism” or “the EU’s brand of progressive authoritarianism”. Giving up the “ultimate democratic control over laws that defend our freedom” is a serious matter, but how many voters are aware that this is what is at stake? The European Arrest Warrant that Dominic Raab refers to, regularising arrest without evidence, is but the thin edge of a very thick wedge. In Counsel’s Opinion the EAW negates the law of habeas corpus, itself once described by Archbishop Desmond Tutu as being “such an incredible part of freedom”. Waiting in the wings is the EU’s intended criminal justice system known as Corpus Juris. Harmonisation is the EU’s fundamental raison d’etre and it is so disappointing that, as yet, the British public have not been told that when Corpus Juris comes in, out will go, not just Habeas Corpus, but also all the other defences such as Trial by Jury, the Presumption of Innocence etc. etc. which have since time immemorial protected British subjects against coercion by the State. Would that Dominic Raab’s boss, Justice Secretary Michael Gove, would now come out and tell the British people that with Corpus Juris on the stocks, the creation of the office of European Public Prosecutor being a work in progress and the European Gendarmerie Force already up and running, their very freedom is what is at stake on 23rd June!

Yours sincerely, 

Christopher Gill, Freedom Association Hon. President & former Ludlow MP.

Our contributor Torquil Dick-Erikson sent us the following letter, written after the terrorist attack in Brussels, in which he underlines emphatically the points made by Christopher Gill:


I am appalled to see that the EU’s main response to this act of war – the terrorist attacks in Brussels on March 22nd – appears to be:

– to illuminate monuments in European cities with the colours of the Belgian flag;

– the “High representative of the EU’s external policy”, Ms Mogherini, bursting into tears during a press conference in Jordan;

– the only practical response I have seen suggested is in today’s Corriere della Sera, viz: ” We need a unified European police force, an FBI, with supranational powers”. i.e. once again “More Europe”. 

This can be linked to the demand for a unified EU border force, which could be sent into a member state even against its will. They are using every excuse to further their agenda of building a single United State of Europe. They should rather be thinking of the fact that the Paris terrorist Abdeslam stayed in hiding for weeks in his own home (!) in a Muslim quarter of Brussels. This is where the Muslim omertà must be broken: we should get all the Muslim Imams into a room – as the Australians did once – and tell them “Either you excommunicate the jihadists with bell, book and candle, and tell all your flock that they MUST report any jihadists they know to the authorities, or you will be punished and banned from preaching.”

Islam means submission, ie obedience, this is doubtless why they accept military dictatorships. We need to wave a big stick at them, and use it too if necessary. Stop all this bending over backwards to appease them. They just see this as weakness, it only emboldens them. Demanding “More EU” however is certainly not the right answer.

Torquil Dick-Erikson, Rome

Our security is also the subject of the following letter, because security isn’t just about terrorists – there are other aspects which are being used by Government to create the ‘Climate of Fear’, which our contributor Iain Mckie addresses:


Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd has said that we should remain in the European Union to defend ourselves against Russia ramping up its gas export prices and holding us to ransom.  Yet the UK is to take just 5% of its gas from Russian owned Gazprom in a deal announced last year (up from 0%), and the rest comes from our own supplies, Norway, and Qatar. Such a minuscule amount of Russian dependent supplies could not realistically disrupt the UK market, even during a prolonged cold spell. By making such claims Ms Rudd has demonstrated that she has only the faintest grasp of the UK energy market and that she is a fully paid up member of Project Fear.

Iain McKie, UKIP member


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