Today’s letters cover a wide spectrum of issues. To start with, the letter by our contributor Shneur Odze is about the Labour MP Naz Shah:

I was horrified – though not surprised – to read about the latest labour anti Semitism scandal, with their Bradford West MP Naz Shah having re/posted anti-Semitic phrases on social media. I was in the forefront of those calling for her to be disciplined and I am just as strongly calling for people to accept her genuine apology: for our sake, lest it begin to resemble a witch hunt;  for her sake: having advised a number of people in her position, I’m inclined to take her apology at face value and believe it’s heartfelt;  and most of all  because it the right and pragmatic thing to do.

The great Jewish philosopher Maimonides taught us that repentance is twofold, regretting the past and committing for the future.  Shockingly, there is a small but rich seam of British people – predominantly of the Muslim faith – who agree with Mrs Shah’s earlier posts, feel she’s been harshly treated and are proud to say as much. Mrs Shah grew up in that environment and is probably a victim of the herd mentality.

There is a also growing number of Labour supporters avowing anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic hatred. To them we must send a dual message: it’s wrong and the politics of division have no place in our society, and it’s not free speech where it incites hatred of others. Most importantly, let us send them a clear message: when they see the light there is a way back. So Naz, thank you for doing the decent thing by apologizing; do undertake more of the community bridge-building work you’ve started, and let your actions be a positive example to others. In the meantime, I do genuinely believe the Labour party under its current leadership is beyond saving.

Shneur Odze, Chair of Friends of Israel in UKIP and former MEP candidate

Our contributor Chris Knowles sent in this observation:

There seems to be a lot of worry, angst and hysteria from the Remain camp about the trade issue and what is going to happen on 24 June after we have voted to leave the EU. They forget what the 2 year transition period is for. We don’t leave the EU at the stroke of midnight on 23 June, much as many of us would like to. Contrary to all the alarmist talk, every county in the EU that trades with the UK has as much at stake as we do to make the transition work. No company wants to lose out on trade opportunities. On 24 June the negotiations start to make things work. The last thing the EU will want is the massive disruption to trade that remainians are fantasising about. European and British firms will continue their primary goal – to make money. Also after Brexit the EU will be in a much more vulnerable situation than us. We will know where we are heading, they will be worrying about the secession from the EU by other member states, especially in the east. Meanwhile EU governments are going to be under enormous pressure from their businesses to sort things out quickly and minimise any disruption and uncertainty. Remainians seem to have got themselves into a bit of a tizzy when there is really nothing to worry about.

What happened to the British stiff upper lip? It’s a bit embarrassing to see many of our fellow citizens in such an irrational state of fear and timidity. Perhaps the Government can make sure paper bags are on hand for them to blow into until they come to terms with the fact that everything’s fine!

Chris Knowles

Our contributor John Timbrell reminds us again about this important petition:

Brexit matters but what matters more is the cover up that allows the government to hide from you that the treaties are illegal. Why, when Prime Minister Heath knew that if he signed the treaty of Rome he would be committing treason, did he then go on to sign it? He then compounded his crime by telling parliament that signing the treaty would not give away our sovereignty. He admitted lying to parliament in his memoirs. If you want to see evidence, go to this site. 

What you as an individual are fighting is not just those who want to remain in the EU. You are fighting the hidden controllers who manipulate politicians like puppets. How else do you think they silence Eurosceptic politicians and main stream media pundits who will not mention Lord Kilmuir’s letter to Heath, let alone that it contained a factual statement of the law, namely that if he signed the treaty he would be committing treason. They use persuasion, bribery, blackmail and threats to force those you voted for to comply with their wishes. Please get  friends and family to sign the petition because if it reaches 10,000 the government has to comment on the petition. This should free up some honest but frightened men to explain the truth about the illegal treaties treaties. For example, look at the secrecy surrounding TTIP. You and most politicians do not know all of what is in it, but what is known has hugely concerned 3 million people whose petition was given to the EU president. So please do vote to leave in the referendum, but don’t stop there. Start with the petition and get it to reach 10,000 before the referendum. That should get loads more Brexit votes.

John Timbrell

Finally, our contributor Simon Richards shares his thoughts on the National Anthem:

I came across the lyrics of the National Anthem which gave me cause for reflection. We normally only ever hear the first verse and this is probably the only verse that most people know. The second and third verses are not normally heard because, in my view, of the Christian hope contained within them, and the hope that the Queen may take a more active role in the legislature than she currently does. Long ago before the Reformation in the 16th century it was commonly held that the monarch’s authority was handed down in hereditary succession from God and it seems that this notion is apparent in the second and third verses. The liberal secularists that have governed this country for so long do not want to acknowledge the Christian heritage of this country and so omit these verses. The European Union, where Great Britain lost Her national identity and is reduced to a number of regions with the European Union, seems to be completely opposed to the second and third verses. I fully support the Queen as Head of State but what could one make of the Queen’s performance as Head of State if one was to compare what has happened to Great Britain with the third verse! Britain will rise once more when Britain  throws off the liberal secular mantle suffocating her and turns back to her Christian heritage which was first established in the 7th century by St Augustine.

Simon Richards

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