A reader of these pages, Dr John Hart, Director of The National CV Group, forwarded us this letter:

So, 90th birthday joy, yes, to Her Majesty, but also commiserations.

In her Coronation Oath, a key element in our constitution, Elizabeth II pledged to govern according to our laws and customs. By taking us into the EU in the 1970s Ted Heath and a traitorous generation of deceitful politicians made Her Majesty an oath breaker. 

The word to describe subjecting your country to the control and occupancy of foreigners is TREASON.

There is only one place image002 for Cameron & Osborne and the other treasonous leaders of the referendum REMAIN camp and it is to be hoped that our dutiful monarch sends them there as soon as possible for condign punishment.

Off with their heads!

Signed: A Loyal Subject

A few days ago, The Express reported on a speech by Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers. Our contributor Torquil Dick-Erikson wrote this comment:

Theresa Villiers is quite right to say the EU is unreformable. For years British politicians have said “Let’s pull our weight from the inside, and give leadership!” Yet we are always the odd man out. 70 times the UK spokesman in the councils of Brussels opposed the others, and 70 times we were over-ruled.

The fact is, Britain is different. In Europe, only Britain (with fellow English-speakers Ireland and Malta) has Habeas Corpus and Trial by Independent Jury. All the others have lengthy imprisonment on no evidence and with no public hearing, and then trial by a case-hardened professional career judiciary, who may have been prosecutors but will never have been defenders. And they have a “plan in their locker” (as Chris Grayling has said) called ‘Corpus Juris’. It is an embryo criminal code for all Europe including the British Isles, which will abolish our legal safeguards against arbitrary arrest and imprisonment.

Back in 1215, when we had Magna Carta, they were getting the Inquisition. Their system of “justice” is totally different from ours. And Brussels will impose their system on us.These differences are not taught in British law schools.But they are being learnt the hard way, by innocent British victims of the European Arrest Warrant (these even included a retired British judge! – Colin Dines). Faced with an EAW British courts are not allowed to ask to see any evidence, the victim is simply trussed up and shipped over to wait, sometimes long months, in a foreign jail with no public hearing, while they seek evidence (and of course hope for a confession under the stress of harsh prison conditions).

If the people of Britain go to vote on 23rd June without being informed of this danger, they might vote to stay, and then regret it bitterly, for once we are locked inside, make no mistake, Brussels will give us the full nine yards of Corpus Juris.There is more here: https://savebritishjustice.wordpress.com

And finally, this brief communication by our reader Malcolm Roberts reached us just now, which ought to be of some, if not huge, interest:

I have just renewed my car tax online . Did you know that the government are using this website to pump up their Remain Campaign ? Is this allowed under the rules ?
There is a link when you pay your tax to get further information about the referendum, but all it is about is the Remain Campaign!

Regards  Malcolm

The Establishment playing by the rules? That’ll be the day!

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