First in today’s letters is a brief note sent in by our correspondent Roger Arthur:


having defeated the EU Withdrawal Bill, Remainer MPs will be able to send the PM back to Brussels, every time she “finalises” a Brexit deal.

They may congratulate themselves but what they have done is increase the chances that the government will be have to walk away from negotiations at some point.

What a sad outcome.

Respectfully, Roger J. Arthur

Our contributor Alan Wheatley draws our attention to an important speech by Liam Fox – important especially in the wake of the defeat of the May government even though it was held before that vote:


during the Referendum UKIP campaigned with the slogan “Out of the EU and into the World”, a sentiment with which I heartily concur. And for the UK the most significant part of the World is the Commonwealth, with twice as many countries and four times the population of the EU. Commonwealth studies have shown there to be a “Commonwealth Advantage” to trade between Commonwealth countries as the non-tariff costs of trade are reduced. The Commonwealth believes in trade not aid, exactly in line with UKIP Policy.

So I was particularly pleased to read the speech Liam Fox delivered on 12th December at a Commonwealth Reception during the 11th World Trade organisation (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Argentina. During it he spoke in very positive and encouraging terms, such as “a vast amount of untapped commercial potential between our nations” and an “existing networks of friendship and family [that can] form the basis of new commercial opportunities”.

The whole speech takes about five minutes to read, and you can access it here.

First, of course, we have to leave the EU to be able to exploit the potential of this major part of the World: the UK is the hub, the benefits are for the Commonwealth as a whole.

Respectfully, Alan Wheatley

While the MSM and the Remoaners want to talk about trade and soft or no Brexit to the exclusion of everything else to do with Brussels, our contributor Christopher Gill sent us the copy of a letter he wrote to Philip Dunne MP and Gavin Williamson, the new head of the MoD. Defence is an aspect of the EU and thus Brexit which all our politicians want to keep silent about:


I sent the following letter to Philip Dunne MP, with a copy to Gavin Williamson MP, now MoD. Publish and be damned:

Dear Philip

My recent communication requesting a schedule of the UK’s defence-related entanglements with the EU and also seeking an assurance that we will not be entering into any further binding commitments on this front pending Brexit, becomes even more pertinent given that “The German Government has announced that the EU Military Union will be officially launched this Monday”, source, German Foreign 13/12/17.

The rationale behind this significant development, as stated by the German Ministry of Defence, is that it is “aimed at reaching more independence from the United States (of America) but also at advancing EU integration which is difficult to achieve with civilian means “.

The answers to my twin questions must surely be known to one or more of your Ministerial colleagues and given the crucial significance and vital importance of Defence to our nation’s well-being may I please have the benefit of their superior knowledge as a matter of some urgency.

Your sincerely,


Thank you for publishing this.

Respectfully, Christopher Gill

Finally, a brief letter on a book by Naom Chomsky, sent in by our contributor Jim Makin:


as a little light relief from the daily gloom of the hard/soft sell-out to the EU (why does Tony Blair bother – Mrs May can manage to reverse Brexit very well by herself) I found a book in my Christmas shopping perambulations that stopped me in my tracks.

It is entitled “Who Rules the World?” by Noam Chomsky. A relevant title in current circumstances.

I’m not going to review this because the review format is formulaic (and I’m sure that I couldn’t do it justice in a mere 1K words), but I am amazed – I am well past my retire-by date but I recall as a student of Computing in the 1960s learning of Mr Chomsky’s theories on linguistic grammars (human and computational) – could this be the same man authoring political polemics in 2016? Yes it could!

Of course he is an American. I have now read about two-thirds of it and it’s an eye-opener for me (hopefully not for everyone). I’m not going to reveal the “plot” (some will be familiar with it already) but it does put both the EU and our own British politics (and much global history over the last two centuries besides) into context. I’m going to quote a short section of his very interesting entry in Wikipedia (my emphasis):

“In Chomsky’s view, the truth about political realities is systematically distorted or suppressed through elite corporate interests, who use corporate media, advertising, and think tanks to promote their own propaganda. His work seeks to reveal such manipulations and the truth that they obscure.

He believes that “common sense” is all that is required to break through the web of falsehood and see the truth, if it (common sense) is employed using both critical thinking skills and an awareness of the role that self-interest and self-deception plays both on oneself and on others. He believes that it is the moral responsibility of intellectuals to tell the truth about the world, but claims that few do so because they fear losing prestige and funding. He argues that, as such an intellectual, it is his duty to use his privilege, resources, and training to aid popular democracy movements in their struggles.

This man was a UKIPper in spirit before UKIP was even thought of. HB take note – if he’s ever in the UK I would love to see him address a UKIP Conference.

The key point of course is that none of this is anything new – the world has always been thus, it has just taken me fifty years to understand it . . .maybe I was waiting for somebody like Noam to put it all together.

And yes, we do have our work cut out. Chomsky should be required reading for all students, and not just for his dissertations on linguistic grammars. You have been warned . . .

Respectfully, Jim Makin


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