Today’s letters are partly about the Bolton Affair, partly about the EU and Brexit. Yes, that’s still ongoing, even though UKIP isn’t talking about it, with the honourable exception of Gerard Batten MEP. The first letter is of interest, it is from our contributor Toby Micklethwait who forwards the text by Geoff Cox (Surrey) with his permission:


There has been very little argument on UKIP Daily in favour of Henry’s remaining as leader.

For that reason I quote below some paragraphs written by Geoff Cox, of Surrey.

“There are two charges against Henry Bolton being conflated – (1) that he has brought the party into disrepute and (2) he’s been an ineffectual leader. On the first, yes, but is it enough to sack him with all that implies? I don’t think so. On the second, I think it is far too early to say – yes, he’s been somewhat invisible (until the bad news arrives and suddenly the BBC are all over him) and he has been a bit weak in answering some questions, but it’s far too early to condemn him for that.

But my main reason for wanting him to stay is that we must push back against the PC Brigade and refuse to be driven by their ever more puritanical agenda. We, on the right, are being boxed in to an increasingly small corner of “permitted speech”. On gay marriage, transgender, immigration etc, you can only ever say it is a good thing – any challenge to this orthodoxy means an avalanche of hostile media coverage, accusations of some ‘ism or other and calls for apologies. We can and must stand up to this … starting now. If Henry Bolton can weather this storm with support from Party Members, we will all be stronger for it. This is an issue which is bigger than Henry Bolton – he is just the latest pawn in the left’s game of free speech suppression. This is not a personal issue for me – I didn’t vote for Henry Bolton, nor have I ever met him, but we must defend him or it is another scalp for the left to display in their trophy cabinet.”

Regards, Toby Micklethwait

Next, a letter from our reader Andrew Helmer, also on the Bolton affair:


After suffering a series of setbacks, UKIP must be seen to be politically spotless with a squeaky clean private life.  The last thing it needed was a new leader to grab the headlines for all the wrong reasons and bring the party into disrepute.  Our only hope is to find a dependable and politically-savvy leader as soon as possible to lead us out of this mess.  The longer Henry Bolton stays the greater the chance that public attention will be focussed solely on the negative press surrounding UKIP which ultimately will turn the party into a political has-been at the very time when it still has much to do.

Respectfully, Andrew Helmer

Our correspondent Peter Mchugh sent in another issue of “Bromsgravia”:


We should not delay leaving the EU.            

Worryingly large numbers of the current electorate have little real understanding of the core objective of the organisation that today we call the EU, or realise that its primary purpose was to seek a political route to reversing Britain’s victory in World War Two.

Today of course, the Germans are desperate to preserve it intact,  having striven so hard to establish it from its inception in the 1940s as their route to controlling the continent, and in which they have been highly successful.

It was, and is the most audacious political ‘ con’ ever attempted  and it has now been in existence, with us as members, for forty five years , but can it survive our withdrawal, and the associated financial shortfall  ?

Certainly it’s future is looking more doubtful today than at any time since we joined it as the EEC/Common Market in 1973,  or when we voted in 1975 in Harold Wilson’s  referendum, to remain ,

Remainers today need to ask themselves and their fellow Remainers : why would I be happy to allow our nation’s sovereignty to continue to rest in the hands of an organisation that is run by a Commission of twelve unelected political nonentities , and pay so dearly for the privilege?

The E.U. will comprise twenty seven nations after March 2019, three of whom we have been to war with: Spain, France and Germany and twenty four others who prefer to forget that they were overrun in 1939 by Germany, freed by us in 1945, and are now back under their control, seventy two years later.     

The Referendum was won by the LEAVE faction because there existed in the minds of the electorate a deeply worrying perception that they have been mislead and lied to, regarding the true nature of our involvement with Brussels. and they took their revenge.

A huge tranche of those who have miraculously discovered that they are committed REMAINERS, might want to reflect on the fact that they actually did precisely nothing to further the cause for remaining among their fellow citizens.

But then after those who had actually got off their arses and campaigned – WON, they found that they possessed a commitment to remaining bordering on fanaticism,  and set about creating a catalogue of reasons why the winners got it wrong .


by Peter Mchugh

Finally, this letter from our correspondent, Roger Arthur, with an interesting parallel:


As seen from this link, 94% of the U.K. population do NOT support the EU agenda of ever closer union, but only 54% voted to leave. That is because no referendum has ever asked them if they want political union and neither would another one.

If more and more people grasp the EU agenda, then we might raise the leave vote to nearer 94%.

So we need to keep repeating the EU agenda via social media and via every other available means.

Below is the first sample. I suggest that everyone who is still in the fight to avoid our enslavement might want to keep their own library of EU quotes. Just put the quotes into Google if you want to check them out.

Here are quotes from two EU leaders, many years apart.    

  1. Jean Monnet: “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose but which will irreversibly lead to federation.
  1. Juncker: “We decide on something, leave it lying around and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.

Notice any similarity?

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

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