Today’s letters have one underlying theme: the EU and Brexit, or rather the lack of progress Ms May’s government has made and the pernicious influence of the EU on our country which Ms May’s government wants to perpetuate. The first letter is from the newly appointed UKIP spokesman on Cyber and Terrorism, Richard Bingley:


UKIP’s new leadership team, represented by a leader and several Shadow Cabinet members who have served in frontline security roles, will ensure that our public safety and security is now prioritised.

Since 2010, Conservative Party MPs have dismantled our security structures and national resilience, through demoralising cuts and red-tape, inflicted upon every level of our homeland police, armed forces and judiciary.

At the same time, all UK Parliamentary Parties, have actively embroiled British policing, armed forces and cyber security personnel into expansive EU institutions and turbo-charged, invasive regulation, such as the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation.

One of the reasons Brexit negotiations have floundered is because both the Tories and Labour have been caught out cheating two audiences; EU Commissioners as well as British voters. The June 2016 Referendum vote was clear: we British don’t want to fund or be subservient to an EU Army, an EU police force or an EU Cyber Command.

Tory Ministers and Corbyn’s shadows, are desperately trying to hide the scale of their national security sell-out from British voters, whilst at the same time, UK MPs cling on to the delusion that they can play a leading role in the expanding EU Army, police force and cyber command, via taxpayer funded EU committees and councils. Self interest is put before British public safety every time.

UKIP has a duty to campaign to end our hideous entanglement with Brussels once and for all. UKIP will return the politics of national security to honesty and normality. The best way to do this is by a clear, firm and immediate Brexit. Brexit is our national security.

Respectfully, Richard Bingley,

UKIP Cyber and Terrorism spokesperson

The second letter, from our contributor Torquil Dick-Erikson, is a further update on his previous article on Spain and Catalonia:


This is another update to my article [published here on UKIP Daily] on the volatile situation in Spain and Catalonia.

The Express writes:

“In a letter to Prime Minister Rajoy, [Catalonia’s President Puigdemont] said: “The request to reverse repression has not been met… On the contrary, it has increased and has led to the imprisonment of the president of Ómnium Cultural and the president of the Catalan National Assembly, institutions of proven civic, peaceful and democratic trajectory.” If the State Government persists in preventing dialogue and continuing repression, the Parliament of Catalonia may proceed, if it deems it appropriate, to vote on the formal declaration of independence.”

In response Madrid said it would take extreme steps and remove the autonomy of Catalonia completely by triggering Article 155 of the constitution.

So the Spanish State is already locking people up (now, will Amnesty International adopt the victims as “prisoners of conscience”?). Article 155 takes up to about 10 days to become fully operational, but it gives the central government the power to “take coercive steps to force the [rebel] government to obey”. “Coercive steps” could mean tanks in the streets. Troops firing leaden (not plastic or rubber) bullets into crowds. Budapest 1956, Prague 1968, all over again?

Italian TV was saying this evening (Oct 20th) that the Spanish Guardia Civil paramilitaries had entered the HQ of the Catalan regional government’s police force, the Mossos d’Esquadra, and were “searching their offices”, for information as to their role in allowing the “illegal” referendum of 1st October. Presumably they were also disarming them… In any case, showing them who is boss. This will facilitate enforcement of the “coercive steps” of article 155.

Respectfully, Torquil Dick-Erikson

Finally, a letter on the pernicious ‘Immigration’ policy by our Government which discriminates against Commonwealth citizens. It is by our contributor Gerald Gravett:


Discrimination against Commonwealth citizens is a moral issue. A South African colleague of mine, an experienced school teacher, has told me about the process he has had to undergo in order to be allowed to work in this country. Immigration law for non-EU citizens apparently changed in 2014, making it more difficult and expensive for some Commonwealth Citizens to be able to work in the UK.

He tells me that he has had to apply for a three year extension to his existing visa at a cost of £2,500-00 plus a UK Government medical fee for him, his wife and their two year old son of £200-00 each per year for the three years. This comes to a total of £4,300-00 which has to be paid at the time of his visa extension application.

He had already paid a significant sum for his original visa three years ago. He also had to have a job to come to verified by his employer – EU Citizens do not.

There was also a glitch in his original application four years ago, which through no fault of his own, caused him to have to return to South Africa at his own cost for a year prior to reapplying.

He and his wife, who is also an experienced school teacher, are an asset to the UK. They are paying a significant level of income tax and national insurance, therefore benefitting our country in several ways, yet they are forced to go through this expensive and time-consuming process which no EU Citizen has to do.

Over 500,000,000 people from the EU have free access to the UK, with no fees to pay at all. Many have no job guaranteed or are as qualified as my colleague. His relatives and countrymen and ~women, along with countless thousands from throughout the Commonwealth, fought on the UK’s side against evil tyranny in the Second World War.

Without their support, The UK and Europe may well now be part of a Fascist dominated United States of Europe.

I am not suggesting that they should have priority, merely that we create a ‘level playing field’.

Is that really too much to ask. Sadly, it would seem to be, as the EU operates a discriminatory, protectionist, unfair and selfish policy that allows the UK no control, leaving my colleague and millions of others to be treated in such a shameful way.

We must get out and get out quickly. And out means out. Not an interim period of years. Not staying in the single market. Not staying in the customs union. Not staying subservient to EU law. Not allowing unfettered and uncontrollable immigration into our crowded little islands.

This is where UKIP needs to be vigilant. We are the people’s army. We are empowered by our track record to make sure that the United Kingdom People’s decision is upheld. We owe it to the people of this country to provide security, economic prosperity and to preserve our culture, traditions and way of life.

Respectfully, Gerald Gravett, Secretary, Surrey UKIP Committee

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