In the first of today’s letters, Mick McGough NEC points to one important aspect of the possible outcome of the EGM should the vote be for Bolton, who needs to answer the question Mick asks:


If the elected NEC are successful at the AGM then Henry will be immediately removed.

However if Henry is confirmed as leader the whole of the NEC are sacked requiring a new election for the whole NEC. There is provision for current members of the NEC to remain in post until the election for the new NEC, where they may be candidates – but who will stay on with Henry in situ, certainly not me!

Henry must be asked how he’ll manage the depleted party whilst maintaining compliance with company and electoral law? That assumes he has more knowledge of the law than he does of the Constitution.

Respectfully Mick McGough, NEC

Next, Mark Childs (UKIP Rugby branch Chairman) sent us this letter with a request for publication:


would you be so kind and publish the letter below which I sent to my Branch and Regional Chairman in defence of our Leader and to speak out against the corruption within UKIP. It is dated Jan 21st, after the NEC meeting:

Dearest members, today we have seen our NEC (our governing board, who are suppose to operate in the best interest of the party and members). Today however has proven that they no longer serve the best interests of the members or represent the party.  They have voted for a vote of no confidence in our Leader. This will not only damage our party further but allow the corrupt to regain control.  This can’t be allowed to happen.

We have a opportunity to overthrown this decisions where I believe we should vote for a definite vote of confidence in Henry Bolton  our Leader. If we don’t the corrupt will regain control and ruin our party. Why do you think what would of been a storm in a teacup in his personal life(which would of quickly blew out) has been manipulated by certain individuals? These self serving people with their own agenda they  dont stand for the good of the party and members.  I know much of what has gone on and saw an attack on our Leader coming. What will you do will you allow this corrupt plot to succeed or will you fight for the survival of our party.  

We can’t even afford an AGM let alone another leadership or have the stomach for it. Also as much as I worship Nigel if there is UKIP 2.0 and he does come back as promised many times before. It will fail.  Only a United UKIP can and will save our nation and people.

So what will you do, will you stand by me and our Party, or will you let the corrupt ruin us?

Let’s be clear the NEC members should all now be silent and should in no way try to sway the members to remove Henry. I know why the majority want him gone because they are puppets of the corrupt. The few decent ones believe they  are serving the best interests of the members and the party. But they are not. If the NEC try to influence this then they will be overthrown by the membership. They have already gone dangerously beyond the party constitution.          YOURS SINCERELY, MARK CHILDS.”

With thanks,

Respectfully, Mark Childs, UKIP Rugby Branch chairman.

Finally, a more general appeal to Kippers in these turbulent times. It’s from our reader Kim Gavin:

Dear Kippers

When all the dust settles over the HB disaster, and it will, there will surely be some serious thought given to regaining UKIP’s image with the electorate.  ‘Regaining’, because UKIP was once considered an alternative to the corrupt and treacherous political parties.  That Referendum vote was in many peoples’ mind as important as any GE.  Little did we realise that UKIP would be bankrupt of leadership and inspiration as soon as the Referendum was over and won.

When a political party wins an election it is as if the start pistol fires and the gears change as full throttle is applied.  That is how it should be.

What happened?  The failures were there before HB and unless those failures are understood then UKIP will only recover to the position of those pre-HB days.

It is in everyone’s interest that UKIP continues as a credible alternative in British Politics. No, it is essential!

It is many peoples’ opinion, that UKIP was not looking at all the concerns of the electorate, but were the epitome of a ‘one issue party’ the EU.  Some of you can argue and deny that point until you are blue in the face but that is how it is and, how many voters perceived you.  When this has been brought up before, and the answer is often ‘Ok then, the EU and Islam’ or ‘EU and cultural Marxism’

That will just not do!  To be fair they may be some truth in there being two areas of policy, but they should be much wider in their scope, such as, Political Ideologies and Religious Ideologies.  These ideologies are defensive, aggressive, possessive and downright corrupt. Their purpose is to gain power for the few, through control and manipulation, and they are not shy to lie and cheat to get what they want.

Ask yourselves who practices Male Genital Mutilation, or who forbids the use of contraceptives or who demands celibacy by its representatives.  Some are more benign than others and likely to adapt and survive. Remember, Christianity has also been forced to except worthy secular laws and is still struggling with simple concepts of equality and discrimination.  It is men and women who have the inherent ability to be good and who have the inherent desire for self-determination and freedom.  It is not the ideologies that have provided that ability or have allowed those aspirations to be fulfilled.

Ask yourself why the scare of AMW or the phenomenon of political correctness. You can follow the money, follow the power, and follow the corruption, follow anything you want to follow, but look at the bigger picture not the simplistic symptoms.

So when you start cherry picking what UKIP can stand for, perhaps you should consider standing for everything that gives the common man and woman a chance of Liberty and Freedom and as close as they can get to Democracy. Extol Love and Respect, give the electorate a dream and a future.  Then make your lists.

Regards,  Kim Gavin

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